Celebrity Style Doppelgänger: Week 4

We’ve finally reached the last week of our celeb style doppelgänger challenge. When the sun’s out, you know what that means…gun’s out! Gyms, bike lanes and park trails are replete with people preparing for their ideal summer bodies. But who says you can’t look cute while doing it?

Angela Simmons makes working out look fabulous and there’s absolutely no shame in her game.

angela-simmons-work-out-clothes-pretty-girls-rock-dresses 2086_1365433737spl542655_016Something that Angela gives us in each of her fitness looks is COLOR! Bright hues make you look and feel more confident and make you want to work so much harder.

One of the best ways to achieve our ideal bodies is to actually look like we care. Sweatpants and tee shirts are fine for home, but when you want to show the gym that you’re there to take the place by storm, throw on some fitness yogas and a sports bra. Be the one to stand out and make a statement. What’s the message that you want to send?






Angela does a lot of color-blocking with her looks. According to Corporate Fashionista, you should first choose a hue or color that is flattering on you and work from there to complete your outfit.  You should never exceed four colors in one outfit, though two or three usually work best.

Rack up on your funnest, brightest athletic wear, get active and show the world that you’re not afraid of a little attention! It’s your time to shine!

Getting inspired by Angela, check out these celeb-inspired looks that’ll motivate you to get up and get moving today!









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Celebrity Style Doppelgänger: Week 3

It is Week 3 of our celeb style doppelgänger challenge. This week, it’s all about being casual, comfy and cute!

Occasion 3: Girl’s Day Out

Picture it…it’s a Saturday afternoon. You’ve finished a full week of hard work and running around, and you’re ready to relax and have a girl’s day. Malls, restaurants, salons– they all await! The beauty of a girl’s day out is that you don’t have that added pressure to impress someone with your looks. After all, it’s just you and your girls!

But, this doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t try to look your best. You never know who you may run into. That’s why a celebrity’s girl’s day out always looks like she’s getting ready for a photo shoot! Take a look at these familiar faces:


Kylie and Kendall Jenner


Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens

They’re effortlessly casual, yet cute– a look that every woman is capable of achieving. Show your friend-group that a girl’s day does not mean a bummy-day. Whether you’re in a skirt with wedges or jeans with sneakers, you, too, can dress as if the paparazzi is following you!

Here are a few girl’s day out(fit) inspirations:

Gym: Don’t be afraid to wear your spandex and sports bras. Retire those sweatpants and show off those curves. The more confident you look, the more confident you’ll feel!

Mall: This is an outing that definitely calls for comfortability. Rock those joggers and feel free to reach, grab and try on for hours!

Movies: Two hours of sitting? You want to make sure you’re wearing bottoms that don’t wrinkle easily. If it’s warm outside and your arms are exposed, be sure to pack a light sweater– the A.C. will be on blast.

Lunch: After a full day of rippin’ and runnin’, I’m sure you’ll be hungry. Make sure not to dress in clothes that’ll constrict your appetite. Wear a loose top or pants that stretch.

Park: Whether the sun is shining or has already set, the park is such a great place to pull out those bright colors. Show off your legs and don’t be afraid to stand out!


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Celebrity Style Doppelgänger: Week 2

It’s week 2 of seeing how we can make celeb style something we can buy and wear, everyday.

Each year, our timelines and feeds are graced with almost every celebrity’s contribution to the Coachella fashion scene, and each year, hundreds of stores cater to the festival-goers need to stand out among the crowd. As a dedication to these one-of-a-kind looks, let’s check out week two’s celebrity style doppelgängers: Julianne Hough, Jourdan Dunn, Emma Roberts and Chanel Iman, Coachella, 2015

Occasion 2: Festivals


Let’s face it, going to a regular, artist-tour and going to a music festival like Coachella or Bonnaroo has its major fashion differences. Each one certainly makes us anxious to find the perfect outfit but we search for these outfits in opposites stores and on opposite sites. For festivals, our style inspiration primarily stems from the celebrities and style icons who attend these events. Chanel Iman, for example, always comes onto the scene with a different, more fashion-forward look than the year before; as she is one of the most talked about style-icons of the festival world.

chanel-iman-coachella rs_634x1024-130401144650-634.chanel.ls.4113 1dc859508698c438f2291f95b2beb7a3

Since we all don’t have personal stylists who hook us up with newsworthy outfits every year, I’ll share some tips on how to get these looks for a fraction of the effort and the cost.

1) Shop online! Some of your most popular retail stores stock up with music festival wear as soon as the season changes. This means that consumers begin buying all of your favorite pieces months before tickets even go on sale! The best way to avoid the rush and the disappointment is to simply stay inside and shopping online. You get to see absolutely everything they have in stock, including an organized version of the sale section and you won’t have to worry about everyone from your city wearing the same pieces. It makes for a much simpler shopping experience where you finally have the upper-hand.

2) Thrift! The moment you walk into a thrift store, the possibilities suddenly become endless. You can mix and match styles and brands and find a super-unique look that, I’d bet, no one is rocking at Coachella this year. And because you’re spending significantly less than you would retail, you might come out with a few outfits for this year, and the next!

3) Shop out of season! Ideally, shopping out of season for this summer’s music festivals would have been done around September or October– as soon as the festival scene dies down. If you missed out on those sales, this will just get you prepared for next year! Shopping for June in the dead of winter may seem unorthodox but that’s when some of the best items are discovered! When spring comes around and your favorite stores are running out of your sizes and colors, you’ll be glad you spent the money last fall for the perfect outfit!

Check out these celeb-inspired looks that’ll give Julianne, Jourdan, Emma and Chanel a run for their money this festival season!


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Who’s Your Celebrity Style Doppelgänger?

Happy April, Sunshines! This month, we’re gonna focus on the many, many ways you can look like a celebrity no matter if you’re from LA, Brooklyn, Charlotte or Chicago. If they don’t do anything else, they give us major style inspiration and ideas for all types of occasions. During the month of April, we’ll take you through a number of these occasions and show you how you can look just like your fave celeb for a fraction of the effort and the cost!

Occasion 1: Date Night

We’ve all been there: Finally get asked out…Nothing to wear. It’s happens so often, it just becomes second-nature to head straight to the mall after the plans are made. I guarantee you, there are some bangin’ outfits sitting right in your closet that you push aside every time you think “date.”

The most important thing to consider when choosing an outfit to impress  bae (be it the first date or twentieth) is the occasion. Not every date requires the same kind of look. Beyonce and Jay Z show us, so very often, how their outings require a different, rather stunning look each time they step out.

It’s also fun when you get to have some creative control over your date spots. That way, you can plan ahead for the outfit that you know you have, and are probably just dying to wear!

Whether you’re planning ahead for a summer getaway or thinking short-term for that ball game this weekend, Bey and Jay give us endless cute date looks for the casual and chic.


Beyonce is notorious for her unique looks and stunning prints that she brings to these looks. It’s no surprise that she’s such a major fashion icon. No matter where she is, she’s…that’s right…FLAWLESS!


Check out these Bey-inspired looks to make your date nights extra special!


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