Platform. Strappy. Fringe. Sneaker.

If you’re like me, you think about shoes a little more than you probably should– Is there a chance of rain? Is it warm enough for open-toe? Am I biking today? Will I regret choosing cute over comfort? Those are only a few of my thoughts when choosing between an embarrassingly-large amount of kicks each day.

As we transition into a new season, let’s take a peak at some of the spring’s hottest options for footwear, inspired by Elle



Do you ever have those days when you’d like some extra height, but could definitely go without the blisters? We all do. The secret to achieving this look is platform shoes. They’re casual enough for the everyday-run-around, fly enough to make a major outfit statement and comfy enough to wear over and over again.



Let’s talk straps…the very things to effortlessly accentuate your footwear. So many designers are catering to the world’s love for the strappy-look, so that, like Rodebjer’s platform sandal, we’re able to get multiple looks in one! She’s certainly giving the Jesus sandal a run for it’s money.


Peter Som

Fringe was in, then it was out, now it’s in again…hopefully for good! The way Peter Som gives us an open-toe tease with these gorgeous, fringe-embellished sandals is borderline criminal. They can be worn in so many fun and unique ways. Try yours with a dress like the model pictured above, or dial it down with some boyfriend jeans. Either way, you’ll be stepping out in style!



High top, low top, slip-on, lace-up, dress up, dress down…sneakers will always be in style. Lacoste is showing us that these kicks don’t just belong on a field or in a gym. Wear them with dresses, pencil skirts, linens and blazers; the only job you have is to keep them fresh! The game has changed for sneakers and your opinions will too, when you find that the comfort of these rank higher than any “office-shoe” ever could. When you find comfort walking down the runway, by all means, you follow it!

These knock-your-socks-off shoes are just a few of the must-haves in your closet for spring, 2015. We see these lovely brands making their mark on the runway each year but it’s time for you to make your mark. If you’re looking for comfort and style, these four options will have your wondering where these beauties were all winter!

P.O.P (hold it down)

The Power of Prints:

No one wakes up in the morning and says, “I think I’ll dress kind of drab today.” Let’s face it, no matter how we’re feeling each day, we still want our outfits to say fabulous! The most fun (and nearly effortless) way to do this is to add patterned garments to any look.

IMG_0359_2-3-2015-09-23-55You’ve heard of adding a pop of color…well now it’s time to add a Pop of Prints! Whether you’re hitting the town for weekend shopping or heading to work for the week, there’s never a time when a little pattern can’t absolutely spice up any outfit.These prints can be incorporated with tops, like the examples pictured below, or even bottoms, scarves and jackets.

Test it out: Put on solid bottoms and a solid top– button down, sweater, tank– and take a picture. Now change that top to something with some flavor– aztec, florals, animal print– take another picture. Pic Stitch the photos together side-by-side and ask yourself which makes you look more welcoming, cheerful and upbeat. Take this challenge to the next level and post the photo on one of your social media sites. Ask your followers: left or right? solid or patterned? I bet that the consensus will be unanimous.

TIMG_9154(1)here are endless possibilities when choosing to pair prints with solids. If you’re looking for a more lively look, brighter solids and busier prints are the way to go. If you’re looking to make the pop more subtle, go with a darker color on the bottom (it’ll really make the print on top stand out). The beauty of this look is that it transcends across all four seasons– florals in the springtime, geos in the fall; you simply can’t go wrong. Try your pop of patterns look for an entire week and watch the compliments roll in.

Let us know how you decide to customize this look!

IMG_8966(1) IMG_8992(1)

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DRESS to Impress

It’s never too cold to think about springtime– the colors, the florals, the sunshine! With warmer weather only a couple of months away, it’s only right to begin planning all of spring’s style possibilities. The first thing I think of when I hear spring is dresses! Not just wearing them but styling them to perfection. There are endless opportunities to make dresses pop this spring. Here are a few examples for you to begin thinking about.

   Wide or skinny, leather or cloth, pairing a belt with any short and simple dress will create the flattering silhouette that we’re always trying to achieve. Belts can create more of an everyday look to a dress that can easily be dressed up or down. Try a thick patent leather belt (like pictured) to accentuate your waist and enhance your curves. It makes for a more polished look but doesn’t take away from the dress.
Untitled-1.1Scarves give you that extra edge that’s perfect for the transitioning seasons. The slight breeze of the springtime makes scarves perfect with a lightweight dress and a pair of boots. Try solid dresses with floral or fun-patterned scarves to spice up any dress in your closet. The 3/4-sleeve-look is perfect with scarves and shorter dresses. It creates an ideal balance between warm and cool.

Untitled-1A light jacket is spring’s best friend. Whether it’s an anorak, a blazer or a classic jean jacket, nothing beats the look of coupling a fun spring dress with something stylish, yet not overpowering. They’re perfect to keep around for those in-between days, and not to mention, they’re adorable! No one ever wants to trade style for practicality, so why not have both? Pair something loose over a shorter, tighter look for a stunning counterbalance. You won’t regret the way you look or feel in this quintessential duo.