New Year’s Eve Outfit Inspiration


Can you believe another year just flew by? Looking back at all the changes that has occurred in one year is unbelievable to think about. We’re learning and growing everyday. Life lessons are coming left and right,  but we have to always remember to take the good from the bad and just learn to value and love life a little more. We believe in always living life to the fullest, because we do not know what tomorrow may bring. So, remember to do the same and always be positive in your everyday actions and to carry this phrase with you …


Live. Laugh. Love.

We know most people celebrate in bringing the New Years in. Whether it is just staying home with loved ones or going out to party and celebrate. Either way you got to look your best entering this New Year!

So here is our New Years inspiration to help inspire and give you ideas for what to wear this New Year’s Eve.


The first thing that comes to my mind when we think of New Year’s Eve is glamorous. We feel like it is the first day of the year where you have to look glamorous (almost like it is your second birthday.) It is one of the biggest celebrations of the year and hey, why not end the year with a bam!  So when we think of glamorous, it brings to mind anything that is shiny, bright, or just something that is beautiful and captures the attention.

This year, one of the main piece of clothing that is trending for this end of the year season are sequined outfits! Anything that involves sequins or glitter is in! It is definitely in the glamorous category and you can not go wrong with having a little shine to you! Every year when it comes to New Year’s Eve some people  end up choosing between gold or silver. We believe  it is because they fall into that glitter category and these are colors that stand out. However this year, not only do we see the colors gold and silver trending but we have also been seeing colors like metallic, rose gold, blue, red, white and black. You cannot go wrong with anything that is a solid color with a shine to it. To add on, it does not even have to be an entire outfit filled with sequins and glitter but it can be just a shirt, jewelry, shoes or a purse/clutch. There’s no limit when it comes to dressing up for New Year’s Eve!

When thinking of your New Year’s outfit and you are not really into the whole sequins and glitter attire, then you still have to think big! ( It’s the first day of the new year so why not?!)  Even if you’re staying inside with a couple of loved ones, another key thing to remember when thinking of your outfit is bold. Whether it is a pop of color or something that gives you a fierce yet sexy look. It can be a be a big bold statement necklace or possibly a bright red lip or a royal color pair of heels.  The choice is yours just keep in mind when shopping for your outfit that New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate. It is one of the biggest celebrations of the year and it is everyone’s time to stand out and shine!

Here are some of our very own clothing that we have put together as some possible ideas to help you out!  All for affordable prices! You can shop all of these looks at !


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Time is flying! Have you bought your New Years Eve outfit yet?

May the New Year bring you peace, love, joy and happiness! 
From Danice to you and yours!

By Clarissa Colon