5 of This Summer’s Hottest Trends for the Last 5 Days of July

July has been a month of celebrating independence, being eternally grateful for every ounce of cool air we’ve felt, and the nostalgic reality that we only have one more month of summer. Now that we’re in the last week, we’ve put together 5 of the summer’s hottest trends (for the hottest week of the summer) for you to try while we wrap up July.

Midi Skirt


Photo via Danice Stores

How to wear it: Pair this versatile classic piece with strappy heels and a fitted top tucked in for a sleek, elongated look. Throw on a blazer to add depth and layers to the outfit. Finish it off with fun earrings and a bold clutch that compliments the pattern of the skirt.

Where to wear it: Take this skirt from the office to happy hour with the colleagues and dinner with the S.O. It’s incredibly versatile, and flattering enough to show it off all around town. Swap the heels out for sandals when needed and still achieve the same sleek look.

Get this skirt for $9.99 at Danice Stores.

Maxi Skirt


Photo via Danice Stores

How to wear it: Maxis are timeless treasures that go perfectly with crop tops, but if you’re going for a classier look, pair the skirt with a solid chiffon top tucked in. Wear a skinny cross-body to match the silhouette of the maxi and bring along a cardigan for a chilly evening.

Where to wear it: This long, shapely skirt is perfect for date night in the city. You’ll never feel too exposed, though the skirt is effortlessly flattering. It’s a comfy throw-on, so there’s no harm in wearing it throughout the day (but who wouldn’t want that Cinderella, rags-to-riches moment right before a big night?).

Get this skirt for $5.99 at Danice Stores.



Photo via Danice Stores

How to wear it: You may be familiar with the zig-zag trend you see coming and going each year but pair it with the right essentials and you’re bound to steal the show. Because the print is so bold, accessorize with minimalist jewelry and solid colors. Don’t go overboard with too much color and extra print. Keep the pattern classy by letting it speak for itself.

Where to wear it: Chevron says dainty and fun, so why not rock this look on a girls’ day/night on the town. Wear it to go shopping, to brunch or to a show — wherever you end up, you’ll be sure to stand out above the crowd.

Get this dress for $12.99 at Danice Stores.


Photo via Danice Stores

Photo via Danice Stores

How to wear it: Lace is, and forever will be, the flirty staple that spices up your closet. It shouldn’t be reserved for intimates; show your sexy side with lace tops, shorts, and even dresses. Pair the dainty fabric with a contrasted, chunky shoe and a denim jacket to add balance to the lightweight look. Add solids with the lace to make the threadwork catch the eye, but never underestimate the power of a lacy bralette under a lacy top.

Where to wear it: Everywhere! Lace is an important part of a woman’s wardrobe and it goes a long way. Don’t be afraid of the thin, transparent texture. It can certainly be worn in moderation if you’re looking for an outfit for work, but ditch the jacket and throw on some heels for the weekend’s festivities.

Get these tops for $10.99 at Danice Stores.



Photo via Danice Stores

How to wear it: We’re convinced that sundresses were invented during July, so let’s finish off the hottest month of the year with a bang! Pair this dress with your fave sandals and shoulder bag. Fun accessories are a sundress’ best friend– the more, the merrier. Throw a crocheted kimono over your shoulders for a summery evening look.

Where to wear it: Sundresses are perfect for your outdoor errands. Hit the farmer’s market, the flea market, Smorgasboard, or the park with awesome company. Take this look from day to night effortlessly and stop by a gallery opening where the art won’t be the only thing catching everyone’s eye.

Get this dress for $6.99 at Danice Stores.


4 Sweet Summer Style Recipes

There are two things that make summertime extra special: cool clothes and sweet treats. We decided to take a few of our fave looks, paired with some of the summer’s most indulging desserts and create 4 perfect matches for you.

Whether your a foodie, a fashionista, or both, these style-inspired goodies are the ultimate solution for the summer’s biggest questions: What do I wear? and What should we eat? We’re here to help you get to the bottom of it!

Margarita Cupcakes meets Lime Beach Dress

What you’ll need: Danice Stores’ Lime Tie Dye Printed Beach Dress, Margarita mix, tequila, white cake mix, lime zest, buttercream icing.

What you’ll do: Annie from Annie’s Eats gives us step-by-step directions here for the simplest way to make these scrumptious cupcakes.

Where you’ll go: This duo is perfect for the beach, a poolside party or backyard BBQ. Even better for a themed party full of fruity drinks. Whether your serving the sweets at your own event or just kicking back and enjoying them with friends, you’ll look like a (cake) boss doing it!

Citrusy Goodness Meets Sunshine Dress

What you’ll need: Danice Stores’ Yellow Crochet-Layered Maxi Sundress, lemon curd, Italian meringue, vanilla wafers, shot glasses.

What you’ll do: Bria Helgerson from Honest Cooking provides a simple, no-bake instructional here for her lemon meringue summer shooters in just 30-minutes.

Where you’ll go: Shooters are the perfect dessert for events that require walking and mingling– no unbalanced lap-tables needed. If you’re hosting, this dessert is ideal for all of your serving purposes. Wherever you may be, this combo will certainly brighten up any occasion.

Homemade Sherbet Meets Sheer Maxi

What you’ll need: Danice Stores’ Orange Sheer Overlay Maxi Skirt, condensed milk, 2-liter bottle of Orange Soda.

What you’ll do: My Honeys Place shares their simple, two-step instructions:

  1. Pour Orange soda into ice cream freezer and add Eagle Brand Milk
  2. Stir with long handle spoon and freeze.

Where you’ll go: This look is perfect for a DIY date. Invite your S.O. over for fun, homemade treats that are sure to stir up some sweet talk. Make and freeze as many as you’d like, and when you’re ready, grab one and go out on the town with your yummy creations. 

Cotton Candy Dress Meets Its Match

Photo via Danice Stores and

Photo via Danice Stores and Social Lizard

What you’ll need: Danice Stores’ Neon Pink Striped Midi Dress, sugar, food coloring, cotton candy machine.

What you’ll do: The perfect How To tutorial for making cotton candy in minutes can be found on the on the SimpleCookingChannel.

Where you’ll go: Consider taking this look on the road for a warm, destination event. Pack a few cotton candy wrapped in plastic for a fun, to-go snack with a group of friends. Make the journey just as memorable as the destination with some crazy candids of you and your friends enjoying the fluffy treat.

For more summer looks, visit Danice Stores online!

What does ‘ELF’ mean to you?

If we did a word-association with the term ‘elf,’ what would come to mind? Santa! Winter! Presents!

Well, how about Makeup?

We’ve been an advocate of the e.l.f (eyes, lips, face) line for years and we’re here to take you through a weekend wearing best line of discount cosmetics.


$1.49 at Danice Stores

$1.49 sold at Danice Stores

Friday Eyes: It’s the last day of the week so let’s make a statement. You’ve been timid on the eyes for the past four days, just waiting for a reason to make them pop. Now’s your chance! Look alive with elf’s Essential Brightening Eye Liner. The rich, gel-powder formula instantly brightens eyes for a healthy, radiant look. Don’t forget your Dual Pencil Sharpener to keep your liner as sharp as your eyes.

Saturday Eyes: Time to toast to the weekend with your girls! Start the day off with fun and bold color. Christine of 15 Minute Beauty is a fan of elf’s Baked Eye Shadows, and she says, “For $10 you get 10 really pretty shimmery colors that you can work into almost any look.” For a fierce evening look, try elf’s Dramatic Lash Kit for a show-stopping finish.

Sunday Eyes: Finish off the weekend with a fresh coat of Lengthening and Defining Mascara with a classic smokey eye for a daring look on your brunch date. Use the Smudge Eye Sponge paired with your favorite shadow and liner to blend and create a custom look.



$1.49 sold at Danice Stores

Friday Lips: Don’t be afraid of a little color and a bit of shine at the workplace. Elf’s Hypershine Gloss gives you that extra pop that your long week needs. Apply only twice– Before work and after your lunch break– because it’s conditioning shine lasts for hours! (Maybe once more when you hit the city after work for drinks).

Saturday Lips: Choose one of the 13 Moisturizing Lipstick shades to add vibrant color while nourishing and hydrating your lips simultaneously. Go from a pale pink to a radiant red in a matter of hours to prove that you’re not afraid of a little change. How does that saying go? Go bold or go home?

Sunday Lips: Whether you’re heading to the movies, church, or the park, elf’s Matte Lip Color will become your best friend. This product is perfect for on-the-go ease with a user-friendly twist up tube that never needs sharpening. Pair with elf’s Long-Wear Lipliner for a more defined look.



$1.49 sold at Danice Stores

Friday Face: Effortlessly absorb the stress of the week (and the oily face that comes with it) with the Essential Shine Eraser. Carry the petite pack in your pocket and pull out the sheets as-needed. Each sheet is infused with green-tea extract to help re-texturize skin and mask imperfections. Prepare for your fierce weekend looks with a fresh, matted start.

Saturday Face: Now that you’re face is officially ready for an anti-shine look, add your favorites from the Fresh Face Kit, complete with all-in-one handpicked products by the elf experts, including primer, foundation, concealer and setting powder. Finish it off with a Mist & Set to keep all of that beauty in place.

Sunday Face: End the weekend on a shimmering high with Baked Blush, similar to the Baked Shadows, to create a natural, healthy glow. Now that your weekend of lavishing looks is coming to a close, don’t forget your Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths to get ready for your fresh-faced Monday.

Quick! What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘elf’? Eyes! Lips! Face! Ahh…that’s more like it.


5 Things To Do Before Summer is Over

Ah, July. A bittersweet month, marking the middle of the summer. Because July is typically the hottest month of the year, it’s only right to knock out some of those fun outdoor activities you’ve been dying to do all year. Whether you’re taking a break from school, or just taking a break from the cold, don’t let the summer flash before your eyes. Let the countdown begin.

Go hiking or camping

These are the kinds of trips you don’t have to plan out months in advance. The spontaneous ones end up being more fun, anyway! Get together with a group of friends, find a trail or a camp site, pack a lunch and explore. Start early in the morning to beat extreme heat and be sure to dress for the occasion. This is such a fun and easy way to become one with nature. You may be hiking to get the perfect view or have the ultimate leg-day, but it’s always more fun when you’re with a great group of people.

Make frozen treats

One of the easiest ways to make a hot day cooler is sipping on ice-cold lemonade or getting a few scoops of your favorite ice cream. But, what if you learned to make an array of desserts guaranteed to fight even the hottest month of the year. Autumn (from http://www.itsalwaysautumn.com) gives us “20 Easy Cold Treats to Try this Summer.” My favorite are the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sandwiches fresh out of Mel’s Kitchen. You can make this a day project with the fam or invite some friends over for a serial treat-making night. However you decide to cool off, don’t forget to share your recipes!

Go late-night swimming

Who says swimming is reserved for the daytime? Take a midnight drive out to the beach, meet up at a friend’s lake house or host a late night pool party in your backyard. Make sure to check the weather in advance and plan for a warm night with clear skies. During the summer, everything seems to be especially fun at night, so take full advantage of the warmest nights of the year and take a dip after hours.

Make a movie

You don’t have to be a pro to document the awesome things you decide to do this summer. Before we say goodbye to beautiful weather, endless activities and the best excuse for lazy days, let’s show the world what summer’s really about: an unforgettable time with friends. Maybe it’s a beach trip that you want to remember forever, or the concert of the summer that you can’t wait to show your friends from back home. Nothing says summer like the stories that share it all.


It’s July, so it’s safe to say a lot of you have already crossed this one off of your summer bucket list, but if you’ve yet to hit the road in spontaneous adventure, what are you waiting for? Road trips and summertime go hand-in-hand. When else do you have the freedom to take a few days and get away with a group of friends? Pack a cooler and a camera and get ready for the weekend of a lifetime (well, at least until next summer’s road trip)!