March (Fashion) Madness pt. 4

Happy (official) Spring! We’ve finally arrived to the last week of March. It’s been a full and interesting month full of snow days, sunshine, spring break and fashion! As we wrap up March and enter into a new month and a new season, I hope you’re ready for the final spring trend.

4. Rainy Day Fashion


There are so many rainy-day fashion essentials from umbrellas to boots that can not only be super practical, but extremely fashionable. Designers have tackled the rainy season and found ways to make it much more bearable. There’s never any reason to dress drab, even when getting soaked may be an option.

Own the rain by showing the world that you know how to dress for the weather– and dress for it stylishly!


If you’re a fan of Project Runway like we are, I’m sure you remember Season 13’s crazy-good “rain-way” looks. Above was designer Sean Kelly’s winning look of the night. A photo just wouldn’t do this moment justice!

Check out these runway inspired wet-weather looks, seen worn by celebs and everyday stylistas on the streets.

7559067470_ff3d21fb70_zRihanna prepares herself for rain at the Alexander Wang Fashion Show
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March (Fashion) Madness pt. 3

It’s week three and time to start accessorizing those rompers and harem pants from weeks one and two. When you look inside your closet full of clothes and think that infamous line, I have nothing to wear, that’s when a good accessory comes into play. The best way to accessorize is to make the accessory compliment you, first… outfit, second. This means that, no matter what you wear, the piece will be able to stand out as its own entity and be recognized from far away.

The accessory that I feel best accomplishes this is none other than…

3. The Statement Bag


Louis Vuitton

Satchels to clutches, shoulder bags to totes–whatever your preference–a bag that pops is a bag you want. It’s all about paying attention to detail, like the multi-blue hued, quilted bag with a dual leather-and-chain strap by one of my favorites, Louis Vuitton. If it provides you with a pop of color or a fun pattern, (or both), wear it! It’ll effortlessly give your outfit that extra edge you’re searching for.

Be daring this spring. Don’t wear the same boring, black bag with every outfit. You’re a much more exciting person than your accessories are showing.

Need some bagspiration? Try these combos below:

0965e6d308ab9d941ae2e79adaeab8cb BjkjYL4CQAEiv_d march-glamour-for-all-w724 shay-mitchell solange-shorts-sweatshirt-sandals-h724celine2

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March (Fashion) Madness pt. 2

It’s already week two! Hopefully you’ve tried and succeeded at the infamous jumpsuit. With spring break slowly creeping up on us, I thought it would only be right to make our next style-segment about a garment springy, light, fun and youthful:

2. Harem Pants

It’s official…the retro style is reborn! Harem pants come in so many exciting styles and prints that only add to the fun of the look. The ease at which these chic, drapey and slouchy pants provide is unparalleled. They are the perfect alternative to real pants or even leggings when you feel like having a pretty laid back day.

When the drape is right, they display such interesting and attractive lines. You can pair them with a simple, solid tank; the pants are definitely the statement garment in the outfit. Throw on a light jacket on to finish off the look. and to add a hip, comfortable and arty vibe.

The garment is avant-garde and therefore, always in style. However, one thing you should be aware of is that some fabrics will drape more elegantly than others: silks, metallics, and other delicate fabrics are sure to look more dressy and most likely, more flattering compared to heavy cotton, linen and t-shirt fabric styles. Accentuating the waist is key to successful wearing of harem pants. You can wear crop tops or jackets with them that make the pants the obvious feature. Whatever you do, make a statement. Let’s face it…you’ll have no choice but to.

harempants (1)

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March (Fashion) Madness pt. 1


There are only eighteen days left until the first official day of spring. Although it doesn’t look very springy outside now, the heat will creep up on us like it does every year. We want to make sure you’re prepared for the warmer weather with these fun spring trends you just have to try. We’ll be giving you one new look per week, getting you ready to steal the spring-show! If you have more trends you think our readers should try, don’t hesitate to comment!

1. The One-Piece Pants Suit  

This includes jumpers, jumpsuits and rompers (the “shorts” version). However you’d like to name it, they’re trendy, classy and fun! Not only do pants suits make your legs look miles longer, they fall to fit your shape almost effortlessly! They’re most flattering when worn loosely, like the celebs are showing us below.

My favorites include pockets and a plunging neckline. You know the rule: show chest, no legs or show legs, no chest.  There’s also the sweetheart-neckline halter option like Leigh Lezark is rocking below. Rihanna shows us a different side with her loose, wrap-style, all black getup.

Seeing these celebs rock these masterly-simple looks gets me excited for all of the possibilities the one-piece pants suit has for spring.


Daytime jumpsuit looks: bold prints, light fabrics, fun colors


Nighttime jumpsuit looks: Solid prints, thicker fabrics, deeper colors

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