Winter Fashion Must – Haves

Danice hopes everyone is having a great start to the New Year! ūüôā

The cold is finally coming in, here in New York City. The winter is officially here! Now, we not only have to make sure that we are staying warm, but for us fashionistas we need to make sure we are still in style! Luckily, we have just a few changes from the fall must-haves, since some of the fall trends are still in style for the winter trends.

The up & down temperature here in New York City was playing with our style! One day we were layering preparing for the cold, and the next day (literally) we were taking off our heavy jackets and bringing out the thin layers of clothing. Too much confusion for one season! Well,  I think it is safe to say that we can finally start layering back on the winter clothes. (At least for now!)

Here are a list of the latest fashionable items and tips that we put together to help brace yourself (in style ) before entering the cold air!


  1. Turtlenecks were a fall trend that began towards the mid-end of the fall season. Now that the cold is here, we are beginning to see this trend being used a lot more. Whether it is a heavy chunky knit turtleneck sweater or a thin ribbed turtleneck shirt, they are here to stay! _DSC1619(1)

Danice Ribbed Turtleneck

2.    Leather adds on such a bold look to your outfit! From pants, skirts to leggings, make sure you have some type of leather on you for this cool winter.


Danice Leather Mini Skirt 

3.    Knit sweater dresses are in! Anything knit is mostly in for winter, however we have been seeing a lot of cute, cozy looks in knit dresses this year!


Danice Knit Sweater Dress

4. ¬† ¬†Suede¬†can have you looking stylish yet feeling warm! One of the latest styles that are a definite must-have! We’ve seen many suede jackets and shoes in for this season!


Danice Suede Ankle Boots

5.    Fur is that hot piece of accessory that you definitely need for this winter! It helps to give your outfit that edge!


Danice Fur Hood Jacket

6.    Quilted texture on an article of clothing can be paired with almost anything! It is this unique pattern look that gives your style a chic look!


Danice Quilted Crossbody

7.    Tall Boots help to keep your legs and ankles warm! They can be paired with a dress, skirt and pants to keep you looking stylish for this whole winter season, no matter where you go!


Danice Tall Riding Boots

8.    Oversize/ Layering РFor this winter season, we have witnessed many street styles that consist of layering and wearing oversize clothing. Such as a shirt, sweater or jacket. It not only helps to keep you warm but it gives you this street edge and fashionable look. Definitely a  statement trend to apply for this cold weather!


Danice Oversize Hoodie

9. ¬†¬† Winter Colors –¬†The colors to keep in mind for this winter that are part of the latest trends consist of : Dark Colors- black, charcoal gray, brown, & wine; Bright Colors, including red; Light Colors – khaki, white, ivory & pastels.

We hope you stay warm this winter season! Keep in mind of the list of latest trends and styles to add onto your wardrobe this season! Remember…

it is never too cold to still look cute! ūüėČ


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By Clarissa Colon