Fall Color Crush


The fall breeze is finally creeping in. The weather is changing and for many of us, that means our wardrobe is changing.  So now it’s the time to shop around for some fall clothing!

I normally like to begin with grabbing the latest fall trends that I may spot. Whether that may be tall boots, booties, moto jacket, trench coat, turtlenecks and all different sizes and types of sweaters of course, etc. Then I make sure that I stick to the latest fall color trends. I began to fall in love with the colors of fall and try to put them to use for my everyday outfit looks. There are a range of fall colors, some are dark, especially when getting closer to winter, a lot are warm, brown tones and then there are many neutral colors to choose from. If you are in love with the colors of this season and want to keep up with the latest fall colors take a look below!

Dark Color Tones:

The dark colors of the fall seem to range from burgundy, plum, teal and black. These are the most common colors in the dark tones section. However, some people do choose fall colors in between these common colors. Some may go for the color wine, which is very similar to burgundy and some may choose hunter green which is not too close to teal but falls around it. These however, still fall under the dark colors category. The dark color tones are usually the most common colors that people wear when transitioning to the winter season.




















Warmer/Brown Color Tones:

The brown color tones for the fall usually consist of these common colors; mustard, cognac, tan and brown. These are the colors that people love to wear as well for the fall, especially around the Thanksgiving holiday. In between these common colors, some people may choose to wear the color orange. Orange may be a hard color to wear all the time, compare to these common colors but it is definitely still a known color within the fall. These colors scream fall and are fun to wear for the fall season!




















Neutral Color Tones:

Neutral color tones for the fall are the most basic colors that are commonly worn in the fall. These colors consist of grey, olive green, cream and beige. White and off-white are other basic colors that people may choose to wear during the fall. These neutral colors are easy to wear all the time and are commonly seen throughout the whole season of the fall, whether it’s at the beginning of the fall, mid-fall, close to thanksgiving or the end of the fall, close to winter. They are also easy colors to pair with most outfits.






















All these fall colors are the most common, day-to-day colors that are easy and cute to wear for your everyday attire! Fall in love with the colors of the season and make sure you’re looking super fashionable and trendy! Shop these latest fall colors, and fall styles at www.danicestores.com !

By Clarissa Colon

Brunch Looks

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Breakfast & lunch (brunch), the perfect meal to have when you wake up too late for breakfast but make it in time for lunch and still want to eat something between either one of the two of those meals. I don’t know about you guys, but I love me some brunch. It is like a set routine for me on most weekends. Above (pictures,) are some outfit looks that are perfect for brunch. When I think of brunch looks, I think of casual yet cute. Not too dressy, however some restaurants are a little more on the fancy, dressed up side. Some people choose to go more on the casual side, but if I am at an outside or nice restaurant, I prefer to look a little more than causal and not too dressy. Dresses, jumpsuits, rompers or a blouse with leggings or pants are easy go-to’s, something quick to put on. You can pair them with sandals, wedges and slip-ons if you want to stay more on the casual side. We hope these looks give you some inspiration for your next brunch outfit!

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Zip Front Belted Chiffon Jumpsuit – $12.99  & Medallion Flip Flop Jelly Sandals White – $6.00

Zip Front Drawstring Waist Dress – 9.99  & Jewel Embellished Slingback Thong Sandals White – $9.99

Textured Fit & Flare Dress – $7.99 &  Stone Embellished Slingback Thong Sandals Black – $9.99

Plus Size Palazzo Pants Printed Jumpsuit – $12.99  &  Black Cut Out Mini Wedge Sandals – $14.99

Plus Size Lace Back Drawstring Waist Shirt Dress – $9.99 & Thong Jelly Tassel Flat Sandals White – $6.99

Plus Size Zip Front Lace Back Tunic Blouse – $9.99 &  Stone Embellished Slingback Thong Sandals White – $9.99

By Clarissa Colon

Vacation Outfit Essentials


The summer is still here(thankfully), and well, vacation is here too but unlike summer, vacation is actually here to stay! Even though summer is the ideal time where most families or people have the time to go, we can vacation all year long!

I don’t know about you guys, but there are times where I found myself struggling to buy the right, affordable clothes. My main concern is not having to shop and waste so much money since I am going to waste a ton on vacation! So smart shopping is a must for me. Trying to pack all your clothes in your luggage is the easier part, (unless you have way too many items.. well then.. Good luck!) But when you have no idea what to take, what to bring and pack, then that is the other big issue.

So, I figured why not give some essential outfits to bring and have during your vacation. These essential outfits should be affordable, and easy to style and wear for your vacation. So the next time you’re shopping and packing what to wear, it should be smooth and easy. Whether you are traveling a week from now or months from now, you’ll definitely be prepared for your next vacay!

When I think of vacation, I think of warm, hot weather, the beach, pool, relaxation and fun! So these are your go-to guidelines that should remain in your head while shopping and packing. You should also try to focus on bringing some staple pieces that can be worn more than once!

  1. Denim Shirt/Dress is a must! It is a definite staple piece that you can wear over a bathing suit (as a cover up), with a pair of shorts or just alone! You can simply put three easy outfits together.














2. Blouse/Button Down Shirt’s are another alternative to use other than a denim shirt. Can also be used as a cover up, a shirt and a dress if long enough.

Plus Size Pinstripe Button Down Shirt Dress - $12.99                                              Zippered Pockets Buttoned Blouse - $12.99

3.  Maxi Dresses are so convenient to have on vacation! It is an easy slip on outfit that can help you save time when it comes to getting ready. Your legs and sometimes your feet are covered which means you don’t have to put too much time worrying about what shoe to wear!

Plus Size Abstract Print Maxi Dress - $11.99Floral Print Maxi Dress - $7.99


Floral Print Maxi Dress – $7.99                                   Plus Size Abstract Print Maxi Dress – $11.99

4.  Romper’s and jumpsuit’s are essential to have as well. They are similar to maxi dresses, easy to put on, and an easy outfit choice to have. With these you can use for a casual outing or a dressed up occasion.

Plus Size Palazzo Pants Printed Jumpsuit - $12.99

Strapless Floral Print Romper - $9.99

Strapless Printed Jumpsuit - $13.99

Plus Size Strapless Denim Jumpsuit - $12.99

5. You want to also make sure that you have shoes that you can mix and match with many outfits. Sneakers, sandals, and flip flops are a must. However if you like a nice dressed up night out, wedges can be an easy transition from day to night. Also a slip on sneaker can be an alternative for regular sneakers if you feel that sneakers may be too heavy or too hot (or if you just want a quick sneaker to put on without worrying about tying it). You also want to make sure, (especially if you want to pack light) that you have all the essential and necessary colors that are easy to pair with your outfits. I normally stick to my basic and neutral colors such as black, white, beige, grey and/or gold/silver.

Dye Grey Slip on Sneakers - $5.99

Stans Sneakers Green - $7.99

Rhinestone Embellished Thong Jelly Sandal - $6.99


Medallion Jelly Flip Flop Sandals - $6.00




Beige Mini Wedge - $14.99


We hope this small guide to your vacation outfit essentials helps to make packing easier! Remember:

1)To bring items that you can mix and match outfits with.

2)Bring basic items such a regular white tee, denim shirt, and a pair or shorts that can go well with your neutral colored shoes.

3)Also, make sure you have a 2-4 pairs of rompers/jumpsuit for an easy day to night look.

4)Most days you’ll probably be in the water, so make sure you have those bathing suits packed with sunblock lotion & tanning oil if you’re looking to get some color! 😉

Happy Summer & Safe Travels from Danice to you! 🙂

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By Clarissa Colon

Professional Work Attire Essentials – Inspiration

“Work, work, work, work, work, work….” I think I can somewhat relate to Rihanna’s latest single. I am so busy with working as of lately that whenever a friend asks me, “what have I been up to,” my answer is becoming very repetitive.. ” Nothing, just busy working.” I don’t know about you guys but I am becoming so overwhelmed that sometimes I struggle with what to wear in the morning. It consumes so much of my time, since I choose to sleep a little longer instead of waking up earlier. Now, I am starting to get back into my old habit of preparing my outfits the night before. It saves me so much time in the morning and now all I have to do is throw the clothes right on!

So, I figured why not share some work outfit essentials and ideas with you guys, if you’re dealing with that same dilemma. You can always use these professional work attire looks for when you come across that interview where you need to look professional and your  best!



Now, for us women/young ladies we have to always make sure that certain clothing’s do not appear too revealing or that anything is too short. At the same time, you do not want to be too covered up where you feel like you’re losing a sense of style. There is a way to look sophisticated and professional with a stylish touch!

  1. Turtleneck’s are one of the perfect ways to stay stylish and still be professional. They can range from thin turtlenecks to think turtlenecks,  or short sleeves and long sleeve. It is probably best worn during  the winter or if they are blasting the air conditioner at work.
  2. Button-down shirt’s are a must-have! You can never go wrong with a button-down shirt. There are so many different styles that is essential to have. It can make a pair of pants and skirt look very professional. – Always be sure that it is ironed!
  3. Blazer’s help you achieve the best polish and professional look. It is a form of coverup when your shoulders are revealing and it can also add a whole different look to your style. The stylish blazers (ex. tight, short, bright gold/silver accents,) are probably best  to wear in a job that allows you to express your fashion sense unlike a very strict/professional office environment.
  4. Pencil skirt’s are a great alternative for pants. They come in many different colors, some with belts, buttons and pockets. For certain jobs it may be best to wear stockings/pantyhose underneath them. Remember to have the length of your skirt below or at your knees. workoutfits2
  5.  Ponte pants are way to be professional yet chic. They are stretchy, comfortable pants that are great for a long day at work. You want to make sure that your top is on the professional side and nothing too revealing so you are not mistaken for looking more on the casual side.
  6. Cardigans are a great alternative for blazer’s. They come in many different sizes and styles and yet still look professional. There are some that are not too heavy or not too thin and are great to wear over a blouse. It is perfect for year-round, for every season.
  7. Blouses(Tops,) you want to make sure that whatever top you decide to wear that you always look sophisticated and professional. It is okay to be stylish and look great just as long as you still are on the professional side. Also, when going for an interview or working at a job that requires a professional dress code, make sure to not wear such bright and bold colors, unless of course you are working within an industry that is not strict on the dress code. However, it is best to stay safe and wear neutral colors and you can keep it stylish by your jewelry. (Not too flashy.)
  8. Knit Sweaters are another piece of clothing that comes in many styles, such as a knit sweater dress, oversized knit sweater or a pullover. The one in the picture shows an embellished knit sweater which is not too flashy and appears as necklace on a shirt, so it is still on the professional yet stylish side. Knit sweaters are probably best to be worn during the cooler seasons or if it is a bit cooler at your job.

We hope this list of clothing essentials for work give you more of an idea of what to have in your closet and that these pictures inspire you to use colors and clothing like these when you need to dress professional. – You can always mix and match all of these items to help give you more options on your list of what to wear!

Find these pieces of clothing and more at www.danicestores.com!

By Clarissa Colon

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day… you either love it or hate it!

… Well, this post is for the girls who love it and hate it! I have many friends who feel that being single for Valentine’s Day is like the worst possible thing ever! They choose to stay inside and stay wrapped up on their bed like a ball of depression. I don’t know about some of you girls, but I have to be anything but depressed on Valentine’s Day.

In my past years of being single for Valentine’s Day, I remember being excited and looking forward for the day to come. I kind of looked at the day as “My Day.” I made sure that I looked my best and felt my best. Put on my best outfit, with a tad bit more of make up. I felt great! I was less concerned about others in relationships, because in reality some who are in relationships are not necessarily the happiest. It’s best to focus on yourself and not so much of others. In the past, I have also gone out with my single girl friends. We would plan a whole day together and go watch some movies  and eat at a restaurant. We had a lot of laughs and fun! One thing for sure is that you are not the only girl or person in the world who is going to be single on Valentine’s Day. It is a day to celebrate love and how can you forget the love of your family and friends.

I wanted to help give some Valentine’s Day ideas for the girls who are both in a relationship and single. Just because you may not have a significant other, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the day and do similar things as those who are in relationships. Below is a list of ideas of what to do on Valentine’s Day and some cute outfit ideas/inspiration.


  1. In my eyes you can’t go wrong with the classic dinner and movies idea. It can be simple, yet romantic.  Nowadays they even have movie theaters where you can do both at the same time!

Perfect attire for a restaurant date :

  1. 2. Spa day – What better day to go and get a massage to help you feel relaxed and at ease.

3. Sleepover time !  Single ladies – have a day in with one another. Cook some dinner for each            other, have some wine (if old enough,) play some fun games, watch some movies, paint                  each other’s nails and do each other’s hair and make up, this list of fun can go on and                      on! Okay for those in a relationship this can go slightly different for you. You can prepare                  dinner and wine as well, but play some great romantic songs and just enjoy one another’s              company.

Sleepover essentials :


4. Iceskating – Have some fun trying to keep your balance in ice skating. Then after, enjoy                     some hot chocolate and stay cozy and warm.

Look cute and cozy:


5. Why not show off your dance moves and hit the club or a bar, if you’re underage, show off               your singing skills and do some karaoke!

Look good while showing off your dancing/singing skills in these cute outfits:


6. Cooking/Painting Class  – Show off your creativity while painting and spend some quality                 time learning how to cook something new! Who knows what news skills you may gain.

7. Get tickets to a musical, concert, basketball game or a comedy show! Be entertained and                have fun all night!

Make sure you’re looking your best:


We hope that we helped you with some exciting ideas to do on Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a relationship or not and inspired you with some outfit ideas.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Danice! ❤

Shop for any of these outfits at your local Danice store or at www.danicestores.com!

By Clarissa Colon

Celebrity Looks for Less

Celebrities look so stylish and fashionable even when they are doing the simplest thing.  A casual stroll to a store or getting fresh off an airplane, and yet their street style is so on point! We all want to dress like them, but know their wardrobe are just so not affordable.Looking and dressing like a celebrity doesn’t mean that you have to wear the same exact brands as them or buy pricey clothing. You can change it up a bit, and where some article of clothing that look alike or even pair it up with a different item, to add a little of your touch and style to it. So why don’t we help you out with your budget and have you looking like a celebrity fashionista! We are going to offer some alternatives to their looks. Similar looks that are super affordable!

We hope that we help you become inspired to know that you do not have to spend much to look your best. You can always become inspired by what these celebrities wear and make it your own look!

Shop for any of these looks at www.danicestores.com!

By Clarissa Colon

Kourtney Kardashian Street Style

Kourtney Kardashian Street Style

Chrissy Teigen Street Style

Chrissy Teigen Street Style


Khloe Kardashian Street Style

Gwyneth Paltrow Airport Style

Gwyneth Paltrow Airport Style

Kendall Jenner Street Style

Kendall Jenner Street Style

Danice Studded Barrel Satchel Bag - $14.99

Danice Bag – $14.99

Nina Dobrev Street Style

Nina Dobrev Street Style

Winter Fashion Must – Haves

Danice hopes everyone is having a great start to the New Year! 🙂

The cold is finally coming in, here in New York City. The winter is officially here! Now, we not only have to make sure that we are staying warm, but for us fashionistas we need to make sure we are still in style! Luckily, we have just a few changes from the fall must-haves, since some of the fall trends are still in style for the winter trends.

The up & down temperature here in New York City was playing with our style! One day we were layering preparing for the cold, and the next day (literally) we were taking off our heavy jackets and bringing out the thin layers of clothing. Too much confusion for one season! Well,  I think it is safe to say that we can finally start layering back on the winter clothes. (At least for now!)

Here are a list of the latest fashionable items and tips that we put together to help brace yourself (in style ) before entering the cold air!


  1. Turtlenecks were a fall trend that began towards the mid-end of the fall season. Now that the cold is here, we are beginning to see this trend being used a lot more. Whether it is a heavy chunky knit turtleneck sweater or a thin ribbed turtleneck shirt, they are here to stay! _DSC1619(1)

Danice Ribbed Turtleneck

2.    Leather adds on such a bold look to your outfit! From pants, skirts to leggings, make sure you have some type of leather on you for this cool winter.


Danice Leather Mini Skirt 

3.    Knit sweater dresses are in! Anything knit is mostly in for winter, however we have been seeing a lot of cute, cozy looks in knit dresses this year!


Danice Knit Sweater Dress

4.    Suede can have you looking stylish yet feeling warm! One of the latest styles that are a definite must-have! We’ve seen many suede jackets and shoes in for this season!


Danice Suede Ankle Boots

5.    Fur is that hot piece of accessory that you definitely need for this winter! It helps to give your outfit that edge!


Danice Fur Hood Jacket

6.    Quilted texture on an article of clothing can be paired with almost anything! It is this unique pattern look that gives your style a chic look!


Danice Quilted Crossbody

7.    Tall Boots help to keep your legs and ankles warm! They can be paired with a dress, skirt and pants to keep you looking stylish for this whole winter season, no matter where you go!


Danice Tall Riding Boots

8.    Oversize/ Layering – For this winter season, we have witnessed many street styles that consist of layering and wearing oversize clothing. Such as a shirt, sweater or jacket. It not only helps to keep you warm but it gives you this street edge and fashionable look. Definitely a  statement trend to apply for this cold weather!


Danice Oversize Hoodie

9.    Winter Colors – The colors to keep in mind for this winter that are part of the latest trends consist of : Dark Colors- black, charcoal gray, brown, & wine; Bright Colors, including red; Light Colors – khaki, white, ivory & pastels.

We hope you stay warm this winter season! Keep in mind of the list of latest trends and styles to add onto your wardrobe this season! Remember…

it is never too cold to still look cute! 😉


To shop for winter clothing, take a look at our website at Danicestores.com !

By Clarissa Colon