Back to College: Fashion Essentials

It’s that time of year where children are collectively mourning the loss of freedom and adults are secretly embracing a new-found peace of mind.

That’s right… Back to School! 

It seems that this time of year gets over-inundated with back-to-school commercials, never ending school supply lists, and store sales. Elementary, junior-high and high school students are set long before the first day approaches, but we miss out on another major demographic: College students!

We have state schools, creative and performing arts schools, community colleges, private colleges, and so many more institutions that also experience “back-to-school” fever. So many different kinds of students deserve the same variety of fashion options to kick start the best years of their lives!

They say some of life’s richest experiences happen while in college, so why not look your best while they’re happening?

If anyone needs a back-to-school sale (and if the “broke college student” stigma is true) it’s our undergrads who need to see that they can look like a million bucks without taking out another loan.

We’ve put together a back-to-college lookbook for all of our 18 to 20-something-year-olds who wistfully miss the joys of all things back-to-school.

For the First Day of Classes:

Keep it comfy and stylish with something that makes a statement without going over the top. A little can really say a lot.

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For the Party:

Don’t be afraid to show some skin but keep it modest for the first one of the year. Don’t wanna be a one trick pony. 😉

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For the Internship Interview:

Stick to the basics: blazers, collared shirts and midi skirts. Wait until you get the job to pull out the show-stopping looks.

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For the 3-Day Weekend Trip:

Keep it comfortable for the road and bring out the chic vacay essentials for the remainder of the trip.

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For Exam Day:

No need to show off for a 3-hour test, but when you go to grab post-exam lunch, you certainly don’t wanna look like you just rolled out of bed.

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For the Thesis Presentation:

Think reserved with a touch of “step aside boys, smart and stylish future CEO coming through!”

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You can find each Junior and Plus Size look in this post online at

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