From the Fashion Weeks runway looks to the street styles, we can spot what this seasons fashion must-haves are! We have the latest trends of the fall to help keep you looking fabulous and fashionable.

The transition from summer to fall always has us so confused in what we should be wearing. What colors should we begin to wear? Are we trying to stay warm or cool? The up and down temperatures do not even help our situation out! Luckily we’re here to the rescue to help give you some ideas as to what you should have in that closet.

With the cool chill making its way in, we need to begin covering ourselves in style!

1) Knit Sweaters are in! Sweaters are the perfect way to keep ourselves warm without feeling so hot through this up and down weather.


Danice Knit Sweater


2) Fringe is one of the latest styles that are being added on to any article of clothing to help give that chic look!IMG_4160_10-14-2015-13-02-55(1)

Danice Fringe Poncho

3) Distressed Denim give that edgy look that we can style for most occasions. Whether we are out for girls night out or a casual day time look.


Danice Distressed Denim Jeans

4) Flare Pants are indeed coming back in style again! From the 70’s to the 90’s and now, here again. We love the many ways they can be styled!


Danice Flare Pants

5) Black Boots/ Booties are so easy to wear for this fall! Black goes with almost anything and short simple booties can top of any look, whether you wear it with a skirt, pants, jeans & even a dress!


Danice Black Boots

6) Burgundy/Neutral Clothing are the go to colors for fall. Burgundy gives off that cool touch to fall while neutral colors make the transition from summer easier to style, while still giving off that warm touch of fall. These colors just complete the fall look!


Danice Burgundy & Neutral Clothing/Colors

These are our fall fashion must-haves to help you still looking like a fashionista while strutting down the city streets like it’s your runway! To see more looks take a look at our website at www.DaniceStores.com

By Clarissa Colon