From the Runway to the Walkway

Year after year, grays, blacks and whites show up in fashion forecasts as season must-haves. Dull as they may seem, it’s what’s done with these limited-hues that actually make them stand out; you can never go wrong with monochromes. It’s certainly no accident that black and white makes an appearance on the runway more than any other color combo. This duo stays true to its classic and traditional feel while spicing things up each season with timeless textures and eccentric effects. The designers’ ultimate challenge is making the monochromes stand out amongst the boldest colors on the runway. The ones who succeed always find ways to make the colors jump out at you in fun and experimenting ways–geometric patterns, mesmerizing images and fearless fabrics like the semi-formal wear below. noir_et_blanc_optique_905366665_north_883x.1 Atsushi Nakashima took monochrome to another level fusing ombré-dyed fabrics and color-block patterns. The secret of this “Neo classical” look is the effortless blend of fabrics–glossy leathers, cottons and wools. Stylesight-Atsushi-Nakashima-Tokyo-FW-13-Runway-Highlights Now, it’s time to put this look to the test! Don’t be afraid to go graphic off the runway. There are endless amounts of textured silhouettes using furs, plaids, and other fabric-friendly designs that can make any grayscale combo pop! The model below is sporting a black faux-leather jacket detailed with a striped mesh panel to add tons of fun layers. To her right, we have a classic pullover sweater displaying double the texture with a soft eyelash feel and bold zebra graphics. Our last model is breaking up her fabrics and color scheme nicely by pairing a thick two-tone faux fur vest with a thin white cotton shirt. MOOD1_0268Put your inner-designer to the test and find fun combos like the ones above to make your monochromes radiate among the rest. Check out to find your bold blacks, whites and grays today!


NYC in the Spring: 2015 Runway Edition

It’s a fashionista’s dream to know what’s in style before the season hits. The warmer months are right around the corner which means it’s time to start racking up on those runway looks that make your fashion senses tingle. With endless colors and prints to choose from, you’ll have a ball just deciding when to where them all! From fun gingham graphics to the ever-classic all white get-up, you’ll never run out of fashion ideas for the spring season.

Bring the Gingham: Michael Kors, Spring 2015

This season’s gingham carefully strays away from reminders of picnic lunches and Dorothy easing down the road. This print takes a unique turn from the popular tartans and plaids and shows off the fun adaptability of the checker print. The best part about the gingham print is that it can adapt to any outfit– dresses, shorts, tops, even jumpsuits. You can go bold with big checks, or keep it simple with smaller ones. Go gingham from head-to-toe or throw some solids in to break up the print. This edgy graphic is a must-have statement pattern for your spring look.


Get InVested: Tome, Spring 2015

From the vest-dress, vest-coat and vest-top, it’s no secret that this season’s vest appearance caters to many different styles. The best feature is its unique versatility. This garment can easily be dressed up or down, hide an entire outfit underneath or serve as the finishing touch to a personal look. Vests are perfect for spring, as they provide style with a transitional feel. When the weather starts to warm up but you still want to add another layer, don’t discount the practicality of a good vest. It’s sleeveless, making it the ideal garment to be worn over anything.

hbz-nyfw-ss2015-trends-the-long-vest-08-Tome-RS15-2948-md (1)

Calm, Cool & Kimonos: Tome, Spring 2015

We’ve officially adopted the traditional Japanese garment, making it our own in a number of different ways. ‘Kimono’ literally translates to “thing to wear,” and if that isn’t hint enough to go out and grab one today, I’m not sure what is. This unique blend between a robe and a coat is perfect for that in-between weather, and comfortable enough to be worn all day. Complete the look with wide belts and emblematic prints to properly complement the exotic threads of the far East.


New Navy: Timo Weiland, Spring 2015

Navy is no stranger to the neutral family, but 2015 will certainly be the year that proves that navy is, in fact, the new black. From deep indigo to midnight blue, this stunning hue has made its official comeback into everyday wear. It’s not just for an evening look anymore; navy has made its way to the sunny streets of New York City. From dresses and jackets to handbags and heels, this color can make a statement in more ways than one.


Army Time: Marc Jacobs, Spring 2015

Atten-Hut! There’s been a wave of demand for the army jacket this season. Designers took this information and added a special twist to the consumer’s desires. Creating a more flattering fit to the garment, there’s an array of army-inspired attire making an appearance this spring. They stayed true to the conventional militia uniform and gave us a classic womanish spin on a timeless trend.


All White Won’t Bite: Caroline Herrera, Spring 2015

All white everything, you ask? Why not? The color offers an immaculate feel while proving that all-black isn’t the epitome of hardcore anymore. This head-to-toe, purified look is the perfect balance of tough-girl chic and easygoing elegance. The bolder you go with the accessories, the more you’ll stand out. The chutzpah is completely up to you!


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Walking in the Winter Wonderland (in Style)

As we’re experiencing the weather getting colder by the second here in NYC, we know you won’t forget your oversized sweaters, bubble coats and fleece-lined leggings, but you might overlook the season’s must-have additions. Who says warmth and style can’t go well together? It doesn’t cost much to make an outfit go from humdrum to head-turner. You just need to follow these fun and simple steps!

1. Layers upon Layers! Have you ever experienced times when you just couldn’t decide which top to where? Or internally debated if that sweater did in fact go with that vest? Don’t think twice! If it’s cold outside, why not bundle up? Pairing a sweater or dress with a puffy or furry vest finishes the look that you’ve been trying to complete all season. Go a step further and add a sleek button-down under the wooly sweater. Sometimes the key to bringing an outfit together is to add more eye-popping essentials. Don’t underestimate the perks of warmth this winter!


Get this look! Cardigan: $9.98 Jeans: $12.99 Cami 8pk: $34.99 Belt: $2.99

2. Bursting with Boots! A definite must-have for the chill of the season. Who says you have to go bare to accentuate your legs? Do so in the warmest ways this winter. Couple a pair of high-waist jeans with short, classic combat boots to make your legs look longer than ever. If you want a more casual look, go with fun leggings, thick leg warmers and booties. Stuck between looking cute and being warm this winter? Try a fitted sweater dress, tights and thigh-high boots. The possibilities are endless!


Get this look! Boots: $24.99 Vest: $26.99 Top: 4.99 Jeans: $19.99

3. Lovin’ Leather! What better way to rock your winter style than to add loads of leather to your look. Think this look is too bold for you? Start small with leather accessories. Adding a nice handbag or a pair of leather boots to an outfit could certainly do the trick! Then, when you’re ready to bring out your inner rockstar, add leather leggings, a jacket or even a pair of pants. Not only will it keep you extra warm, you’ll be the center of attention for miles and miles!


Get this look! Jacket: $21.99 Leggings: $13.99 Cami 8pk: $34.99

4. Just Throw it in the Bag! Something that will never go out of style is the flare that a nice bag can bring to any outfit. This accessory is one of the few that is both stylish and extremely practical. If you’re going to wear it anyway, why not make it a statement one! Whether you favor the slouchy satchel or the petite purse, you can’t go wrong adding a unique handbag to your everyday outfits. Experiment with patterns, fabrics and styles; after all, you can never have too many bags!


Get this look! Purse: $14.99 Cardigan: $12.99 Pants: $13.99

5. Gaux Faux! Whether you want to go all out with a full faux coat or just looking for a little extra to add something different to a handbag or shoes, it’s certainly a winter staple in any amount. The perks of faux fur allow you look like a million bucks by spending very little. Adding this fun flare to your wintertime wardrobe will make you not only look the part, but feel it, too. Don’t be afraid to let the wildlife bring out your wild side!


Get this look! Vest: $25.99 Top: 4.99 Jeans: $14.99

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Bold and Beautiful

Style Pick of the Week

image1 (4)

  • 6-Button Ponte Knit Pants: Sleek, slim pants detailed with six sailor buttons and an elastic high-rise waist.
  • Sheer 3/4 Sleeve Top: This dainty top is perfect for layering in the fall with its lightweight feel and quarter sleeves, complete with statement roses.
  • Black Bubble Coat: A classic bubble coat, perfect for those chilly days, accented with front snap pockets, side zip pockets and a thick, ribbed collar.
  • Studded-Toe Combat Boots: These on-trend faux leather menswear inspired combat styled boots have a lace-up front. Mid height boot features studded edginess to toe cap and top panel with side zipper for easy on/off.

Switch out the color of the pants, or even the shirt, to make this look more you. But whatever you do, don’t lose the BOLD to your beautiful!

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Jazzy January

HNY_FACEBOOK_TILE2Welcome to another wonderful year full of fashion-forward, simply-stylish days that will have you looking more and more chic as 2015 goes by! We hope you accomplish each and every one of your New Year’s resolutions and never forget about the most important one…HAPPINESS! What better way to keep a smile on your face than to look in the mirror each morning, genuinely happy with the person you see. December was a month of making lists of all the things you wanted; let January be the month of making lists of all the goals you wish to accomplish.

Always wanted to rock that daring new dress? Do it! Feel like this is your year to bring out the statement heels? Why not? The secret of doing the things that make you happy is looking good while doing them! Don’t be afraid to try new things…after all, it’s 2015!!!

At Danice Stores, it is our goal to see our customers happy. Visit our stores or go online to to add to your 2015 wardrobe of year and have a happy and prosperous New Year!

Be sure to stay tuned throughout the season to catch up on all of our New Arrivals and Style Picks of the Week.