Walking in the Winter Wonderland (in Style)

As we’re experiencing the weather getting colder by the second here in NYC, we know you won’t forget your oversized sweaters, bubble coats and fleece-lined leggings, but you might overlook the season’s must-have additions. Who says warmth and style can’t go well together? It doesn’t cost much to make an outfit go from humdrum to head-turner. You just need to follow these fun and simple steps!

1. Layers upon Layers! Have you ever experienced times when you just couldn’t decide which top to where? Or internally debated if that sweater did in fact go with that vest? Don’t think twice! If it’s cold outside, why not bundle up? Pairing a sweater or dress with a puffy or furry vest finishes the look that you’ve been trying to complete all season. Go a step further and add a sleek button-down under the wooly sweater. Sometimes the key to bringing an outfit together is to add more eye-popping essentials. Don’t underestimate the perks of warmth this winter!


Get this look! Cardigan: $9.98 Jeans: $12.99 Cami 8pk: $34.99 Belt: $2.99

2. Bursting with Boots! A definite must-have for the chill of the season. Who says you have to go bare to accentuate your legs? Do so in the warmest ways this winter. Couple a pair of high-waist jeans with short, classic combat boots to make your legs look longer than ever. If you want a more casual look, go with fun leggings, thick leg warmers and booties. Stuck between looking cute and being warm this winter? Try a fitted sweater dress, tights and thigh-high boots. The possibilities are endless!


Get this look! Boots: $24.99 Vest: $26.99 Top: 4.99 Jeans: $19.99

3. Lovin’ Leather! What better way to rock your winter style than to add loads of leather to your look. Think this look is too bold for you? Start small with leather accessories. Adding a nice handbag or a pair of leather boots to an outfit could certainly do the trick! Then, when you’re ready to bring out your inner rockstar, add leather leggings, a jacket or even a pair of pants. Not only will it keep you extra warm, you’ll be the center of attention for miles and miles!


Get this look! Jacket: $21.99 Leggings: $13.99 Cami 8pk: $34.99

4. Just Throw it in the Bag! Something that will never go out of style is the flare that a nice bag can bring to any outfit. This accessory is one of the few that is both stylish and extremely practical. If you’re going to wear it anyway, why not make it a statement one! Whether you favor the slouchy satchel or the petite purse, you can’t go wrong adding a unique handbag to your everyday outfits. Experiment with patterns, fabrics and styles; after all, you can never have too many bags!


Get this look! Purse: $14.99 Cardigan: $12.99 Pants: $13.99

5. Gaux Faux! Whether you want to go all out with a full faux coat or just looking for a little extra to add something different to a handbag or shoes, it’s certainly a winter staple in any amount. The perks of faux fur allow you look like a million bucks by spending very little. Adding this fun flare to your wintertime wardrobe will make you not only look the part, but feel it, too. Don’t be afraid to let the wildlife bring out your wild side!


Get this look! Vest: $25.99 Top: 4.99 Jeans: $14.99

You can find all of these items and more, only at http://www.danicestores.com/


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