NYC in the Spring: 2015 Runway Edition

It’s a fashionista’s dream to know what’s in style before the season hits. The warmer months are right around the corner which means it’s time to start racking up on those runway looks that make your fashion senses tingle. With endless colors and prints to choose from, you’ll have a ball just deciding when to where them all! From fun gingham graphics to the ever-classic all white get-up, you’ll never run out of fashion ideas for the spring season.

Bring the Gingham: Michael Kors, Spring 2015

This season’s gingham carefully strays away from reminders of picnic lunches and Dorothy easing down the road. This print takes a unique turn from the popular tartans and plaids and shows off the fun adaptability of the checker print. The best part about the gingham print is that it can adapt to any outfit– dresses, shorts, tops, even jumpsuits. You can go bold with big checks, or keep it simple with smaller ones. Go gingham from head-to-toe or throw some solids in to break up the print. This edgy graphic is a must-have statement pattern for your spring look.


Get InVested: Tome, Spring 2015

From the vest-dress, vest-coat and vest-top, it’s no secret that this season’s vest appearance caters to many different styles. The best feature is its unique versatility. This garment can easily be dressed up or down, hide an entire outfit underneath or serve as the finishing touch to a personal look. Vests are perfect for spring, as they provide style with a transitional feel. When the weather starts to warm up but you still want to add another layer, don’t discount the practicality of a good vest. It’s sleeveless, making it the ideal garment to be worn over anything.

hbz-nyfw-ss2015-trends-the-long-vest-08-Tome-RS15-2948-md (1)

Calm, Cool & Kimonos: Tome, Spring 2015

We’ve officially adopted the traditional Japanese garment, making it our own in a number of different ways. ‘Kimono’ literally translates to “thing to wear,” and if that isn’t hint enough to go out and grab one today, I’m not sure what is. This unique blend between a robe and a coat is perfect for that in-between weather, and comfortable enough to be worn all day. Complete the look with wide belts and emblematic prints to properly complement the exotic threads of the far East.


New Navy: Timo Weiland, Spring 2015

Navy is no stranger to the neutral family, but 2015 will certainly be the year that proves that navy is, in fact, the new black. From deep indigo to midnight blue, this stunning hue has made its official comeback into everyday wear. It’s not just for an evening look anymore; navy has made its way to the sunny streets of New York City. From dresses and jackets to handbags and heels, this color can make a statement in more ways than one.


Army Time: Marc Jacobs, Spring 2015

Atten-Hut! There’s been a wave of demand for the army jacket this season. Designers took this information and added a special twist to the consumer’s desires. Creating a more flattering fit to the garment, there’s an array of army-inspired attire making an appearance this spring. They stayed true to the conventional militia uniform and gave us a classic womanish spin on a timeless trend.


All White Won’t Bite: Caroline Herrera, Spring 2015

All white everything, you ask? Why not? The color offers an immaculate feel while proving that all-black isn’t the epitome of hardcore anymore. This head-to-toe, purified look is the perfect balance of tough-girl chic and easygoing elegance. The bolder you go with the accessories, the more you’ll stand out. The chutzpah is completely up to you!


To see many of these styles hit the streets, check out


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