From the Runway to the Walkway

Year after year, grays, blacks and whites show up in fashion forecasts as season must-haves. Dull as they may seem, it’s what’s done with these limited-hues that actually make them stand out; you can never go wrong with monochromes. It’s certainly no accident that black and white makes an appearance on the runway more than any other color combo. This duo stays true to its classic and traditional feel while spicing things up each season with timeless textures and eccentric effects. The designers’ ultimate challenge is making the monochromes stand out amongst the boldest colors on the runway. The ones who succeed always find ways to make the colors jump out at you in fun and experimenting ways–geometric patterns, mesmerizing images and fearless fabrics like the semi-formal wear below. noir_et_blanc_optique_905366665_north_883x.1 Atsushi Nakashima took monochrome to another level fusing ombré-dyed fabrics and color-block patterns. The secret of this “Neo classical” look is the effortless blend of fabrics–glossy leathers, cottons and wools. Stylesight-Atsushi-Nakashima-Tokyo-FW-13-Runway-Highlights Now, it’s time to put this look to the test! Don’t be afraid to go graphic off the runway. There are endless amounts of textured silhouettes using furs, plaids, and other fabric-friendly designs that can make any grayscale combo pop! The model below is sporting a black faux-leather jacket detailed with a striped mesh panel to add tons of fun layers. To her right, we have a classic pullover sweater displaying double the texture with a soft eyelash feel and bold zebra graphics. Our last model is breaking up her fabrics and color scheme nicely by pairing a thick two-tone faux fur vest with a thin white cotton shirt. MOOD1_0268Put your inner-designer to the test and find fun combos like the ones above to make your monochromes radiate among the rest. Check out to find your bold blacks, whites and grays today!


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