How Much Does Your American Dream Cost?

It’s that time of year again– stars and stripes, middle-of-the-night fireworks, BBQs, pool parties, and the celebration of independence. We all know that going out with friends may take a toll on your wallet. After all, those USA-inspired Daiquiris aren’t gonna buy themselves. That’s why we’re encouraging you to splurge on what really matters: food, drinks and having a ball with friends, not stressing over what you’ll be wearing.

This Independence Day, let’s exercise our right to dress freely (or close to it, anyway)!

Midi/Maxi Dress: $7.99

This look is perfect for a BBQ or cookout. Dresses are an easy throw-on with minimal effortThe longer the dress, the easier it will be to balance a plate of food on your lap. Style and practicality, what else does a girl need?


Photo via Danice Stores

Shorts: $12.99

Shorts are the ideal look for a concert. Moving around is inevitable, so pants will be limiting and a dress will be risky. Play it safe (but cute) in a pair of shorts that allow you all the wiggle room you need to jump around and pretend you’re on stage too.


Photo via Danice Stores

Short Dress: $5.99

Reserve the short dresses for a lounge or rooftop party. Show some leg and don’t be afraid to be a little flirty. Keep it loose for impromptu dance breaks but keep it classy in the hopes of hearing, “Can I buy you a drink?”


Photo via Danice Stores

Loose Pants: $7.99

Keep your legs protected by critters while you’re outside, sitting on the grass, watching the fireworks. Pants are the ideal solution for late-night outings; loose pants are the ideal solution for endless comfort and style from sunset to sunrise.

Photo via Danice Stores

Photo via Danice Stores

Graphic Tee: $7.99

If you’ve got a block party or a day party planned for the 4th, grab that graphic tee and be out. This is one of the easiest, throw-ons for a relaxed day and can easily be styled for the occasion. Mix and match your reds, whites and blues with denim shorts and a tee that says, that’s right, I’m proud to be an American!


Photo Via Danice Stores

70s Summer Style: Get the Look

Each year, we witness a certain style make a reappearance. We’ve had crop tops from the 90s, spandex from the 80s, and now it’s time to let the 70s shine. For a style that’s come and gone throughout the years, why wait for it to officially come back? How about bringing it back, yourself? Visiting your local thrift shop or retailer is just the start of your summer time travel…and the rest is history.

Here’s how you can fit one decade of style into one summer:

Photo Via

Photo via Wanken Blog and Danice Stores

Photo Via

Photo via Pinterest and Danice Stores

70s Summer Style Essentials:

  • Wide Leg Bottoms
  • Flowy Dresses & Skirts
  • Jumpsuits
  • Wrap Tops
  • Prints and Patterns
  • Hot Shorts
  • and you can’t forget, Platform Shoes

Get the look here

You Can’t Lose With These Summer Shoes

Truth is, you don’t have to spend hundreds to look good and you don’t have to wear heels to feel girly. We’ve got shoes for every occasion and every budget, and a side-by-side comparison on why you’ve probably been doing your shoe shopping all wrong.

As fashionistas, we stay pretty busy but that doesn’t mean there should ever be a day that we don’t look our best. Chances are, we don’t just go to work and go home. There’s an array of places we visit each week that’ll make us wanna switch up our shoe game quite often.

So here’s how to do so– inexpensively:

The Weekender: For the sporty-chic girl in all of you, these faux-leather quilted kicks will take you out to the ballgame and to your lunch date right after. They’re classic, yet versatile, making it super-simple to tackle your day. Just slip your feet in for endless comfort and ease.


Photos via Pradux and Danice Stores

The Busy-Body: For the errand-runners by day and “drinks on me” girls at night, you’ll probably step out in these bold, metallic sandals– simple and lightweight to go well with any outfit. If you’re looking for an everyday addition that says ‘trendy and comfy,’ this pair is for you. Make a statement without making your wallet hurt in the process.


Photo via Tory Burch and Danice Stores

The Traveler: Whether your travels span from Queens to The Bronx, or from NYC to Italy, these Gizeh style sandals will become your solemate. Why spend hundreds on the same amount of comfort you’d get for $10? These sandals are a summertime essential, perfect for your long-distance leisure. So, why not put those savings toward the actual vacation.

For more affordable, must-have summer shoes, visit Danice Stores online.

Triple Entendre

This week, we’re learning how to style your own co-ords. What  exactly are co-ords? When your top and bottom perfectly coordinates. The beauty of the summer’s new trend is that, when you buy a co-ord, you essentially get three outfits in one.


Image via Imgarcade

Styling Your Co-Ords

Step 1: Well, of course you should wear the duo together. Make a statement and make it loudly by showing the world that sometimes it’s okay to be matchy-matchy. Though, be sure that the print is flattering for you and appropriate for the season and the weather; ie: don’t wear colorful palm trees on a rainy night. It’s good to have options– co-ords for the daytime, co-ords for outdoors, co-ords for a date. Not all combos come in crop-top/skirt form like the one above.


Image via pinsandpalettes

Step 2: Ditch the top! No, no, we’re not condoning a topless day out on the town. Just a little switcheroo to make the outfit (and your money) go a bit further! Instead of a head-to-toe black and white ensemble, maybe you want to throw a some color in and wear it differently. Your new addition can make the outfit more dressy or more casual– like the look below– depending on the occasion. 


Photo via Danice Stores

Step 3: Swap the pants for a skirt, the skirt for some shorts, or the shorts for some pants. Because sometimes usually, polka dots on polka dots can be a bit overwhelming. Swapping out your bottoms allows for much more wiggle room for multiple occasions. You can wear the same top to a concert one week, and a job interview the next. Just substitute that destroyed denim for a pair of tailored pants and you’re ready to go!


Photo via Danice Stores

For our extra-daring fashionistas, take a co-ord top and co-ord bottom from two different sets and fuse the two looks. Black and white doesn’t just match with black and white. Have some fun with color. Throw in a mix of prints and shades to create an eye-popping effect.

Don’t be afraid to do some additional coordinating with your co-ords, and your summer will look brighter than ever!

Boho Businesswoman

Boho: Bohemian, hippie, indie, hobo, chic, retro

Businesswoman: Executive, entrepreneur, manager, agent, financier

But what happens when someone who’s all about her business is also all about fashion. What happens when her love for Bohemian influences takes over her closet. Can she remain professional and sophisticated?

Let’s take a look at some boho business looks from women who are workin’ the working-world everyday.


Photo found here

How to wear it:

  • Mid-length patterned dress, paired with a hip-length blazer. Don’t go any shorter than the length of the dress shown above. Contrasting statement jewelry adds layers to the look.

Where to wear it:

  • Perfect for a day in the office. Ditch the blazer at the end of the day for the ultimate night-out-on-the-town look. Meet your girlfriends for drinks or finally go out with the office cutie 😉

Photo found here

How to wear it?

  • High-waist denim and a chiffon tunic (tucked in for a more put-together look). Complete with lots of arm candy and a tote handbag. This look is seasonally versatile; change the shoes accordingly.

Where to wear it?

  • The perfect boutique owner/worker would rock this casual, yet classy ensemble. After the work day is over, take this look to the streets for an evening shopping haul.

Photo found here

How to wear it?

  • Printed boho pants with a solid tank and loose blazer. This look goes equally well with heels or flats, and a small crossbody bag.

Where to wear it?

  • This relaxed look is ideal for running errands in the city. A light and cool feel to balance out the hustle and bustle. Be mindful of your footwear– heels may look better but never sacrifice comfort for style. These may be a nice alternative.

Any style can be made to fit the life of a businesswoman. Thank goodness pantsuits are not our only option. Tailor your look to fit what you’re most comfortable in and you’ll be one step closer to ruling the world!