Vacation Outfit Essentials


The summer is still here(thankfully), and well, vacation is here too but unlike summer, vacation is actually here to stay! Even though summer is the ideal time where most families or people have the time to go, we can vacation all year long!

I don’t know about you guys, but there are times where I found myself struggling to buy the right, affordable clothes. My main concern is not having to shop and waste so much money since I am going to waste a ton on vacation! So smart shopping is a must for me. Trying to pack all your clothes in your luggage is the easier part, (unless you have way too many items.. well then.. Good luck!) But when you have no idea what to take, what to bring and pack, then that is the other big issue.

So, I figured why not give some essential outfits to bring and have during your vacation. These essential outfits should be affordable, and easy to style and wear for your vacation. So the next time you’re shopping and packing what to wear, it should be smooth and easy. Whether you are traveling a week from now or months from now, you’ll definitely be prepared for your next vacay!

When I think of vacation, I think of warm, hot weather, the beach, pool, relaxation and fun! So these are your go-to guidelines that should remain in your head while shopping and packing. You should also try to focus on bringing some staple pieces that can be worn more than once!

  1. Denim Shirt/Dress is a must! It is a definite staple piece that you can wear over a bathing suit (as a cover up), with a pair of shorts or just alone! You can simply put three easy outfits together.














2. Blouse/Button Down Shirt’s are another alternative to use other than a denim shirt. Can also be used as a cover up, a shirt and a dress if long enough.

Plus Size Pinstripe Button Down Shirt Dress - $12.99                                              Zippered Pockets Buttoned Blouse - $12.99

3.  Maxi Dresses are so convenient to have on vacation! It is an easy slip on outfit that can help you save time when it comes to getting ready. Your legs and sometimes your feet are covered which means you don’t have to put too much time worrying about what shoe to wear!

Plus Size Abstract Print Maxi Dress - $11.99Floral Print Maxi Dress - $7.99


Floral Print Maxi Dress – $7.99                                   Plus Size Abstract Print Maxi Dress – $11.99

4.  Romper’s and jumpsuit’s are essential to have as well. They are similar to maxi dresses, easy to put on, and an easy outfit choice to have. With these you can use for a casual outing or a dressed up occasion.

Plus Size Palazzo Pants Printed Jumpsuit - $12.99

Strapless Floral Print Romper - $9.99

Strapless Printed Jumpsuit - $13.99

Plus Size Strapless Denim Jumpsuit - $12.99

5. You want to also make sure that you have shoes that you can mix and match with many outfits. Sneakers, sandals, and flip flops are a must. However if you like a nice dressed up night out, wedges can be an easy transition from day to night. Also a slip on sneaker can be an alternative for regular sneakers if you feel that sneakers may be too heavy or too hot (or if you just want a quick sneaker to put on without worrying about tying it). You also want to make sure, (especially if you want to pack light) that you have all the essential and necessary colors that are easy to pair with your outfits. I normally stick to my basic and neutral colors such as black, white, beige, grey and/or gold/silver.

Dye Grey Slip on Sneakers - $5.99

Stans Sneakers Green - $7.99

Rhinestone Embellished Thong Jelly Sandal - $6.99


Medallion Jelly Flip Flop Sandals - $6.00




Beige Mini Wedge - $14.99


We hope this small guide to your vacation outfit essentials helps to make packing easier! Remember:

1)To bring items that you can mix and match outfits with.

2)Bring basic items such a regular white tee, denim shirt, and a pair or shorts that can go well with your neutral colored shoes.

3)Also, make sure you have a 2-4 pairs of rompers/jumpsuit for an easy day to night look.

4)Most days you’ll probably be in the water, so make sure you have those bathing suits packed with sunblock lotion & tanning oil if you’re looking to get some color! 😉

Happy Summer & Safe Travels from Danice to you! 🙂

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By Clarissa Colon

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