The Bag Breakdown

We’re all ladies here, so let’s face it– We can’t go out empty handed. So, why not carry what speaks to you? Are you a satchel stuffer, a wristlet wearer or a clutch carrier? Find out which bag best fits your lifestyle and how to rock that look best!

For the ‘on-the-goers,’ choose a bag that’s smaller, lightweight and modest. Solid colors make it easy to match your everyday looks and effortless to interchange bags throughout the week. Choose a staple and then build your collection from there. If you’re into bright colors but need to dress more basic for work, grab a bag that shows your personality. Crossbodys are perfect for the errand-runners and city girls who are in need of a simple solution that doesn’t take away from the chic style they were born to rock.

Handbags starting at $2.99

Handbags starting at $12.99

For the ‘the world is my runway’ girls, a clutch will be your go-to. Spice up your already-fiery look with a statement clutch or wristlet for your classy, modern style. Since it’s such a small bag, don’t be afraid to show it off with poppy prints. Clutches aren’t reserved only as evening-wear; break out those babies for Sunday brunch with friends! If you’re not a collector of things, you’ll have no problem keeping up with only a phone, lipstick and some cash. Go from day to night with a detachable wrist or shoulder strap and get ready to rock the rock the streets runway.


Clutches starting at $3.99

For the ‘just throw it in the bag’ ladies, this piece is a definite essential in your duffle, tote, or bookbag. To keep things (semi) organized, invest in a durable– but cute– cosmetic bag to hold everything you’ve lost and replaced too many times to count. It’s like a catch-all for your bag, and who doesn’t need that? You may decide to fill it with your endless makeup collection, all of the pens that mysteriously end up at the bottom of your bag, or lotion and hand sanitizer that seems to break every time you buy a new one. Give your belongings a home within a home and never lose sight of what’s really important…the bag you put it in!


Cosmetic Bags starting at $2.99

Need a guide for choosing your next statement bag? Check out a Visual Glossary of Purses for the ultimate inspo!



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