March (Fashion) Madness pt. 3

It’s week three and time to start accessorizing those rompers and harem pants from weeks one and two. When you look inside your closet full of clothes and think that infamous line, I have nothing to wear, that’s when a good accessory comes into play. The best way to accessorize is to make the accessory compliment you, first… outfit, second. This means that, no matter what you wear, the piece will be able to stand out as its own entity and be recognized from far away.

The accessory that I feel best accomplishes this is none other than…

3. The Statement Bag


Louis Vuitton

Satchels to clutches, shoulder bags to totes–whatever your preference–a bag that pops is a bag you want. It’s all about paying attention to detail, like the multi-blue hued, quilted bag with a dual leather-and-chain strap by one of my favorites, Louis Vuitton. If it provides you with a pop of color or a fun pattern, (or both), wear it! It’ll effortlessly give your outfit that extra edge you’re searching for.

Be daring this spring. Don’t wear the same boring, black bag with every outfit. You’re a much more exciting person than your accessories are showing.

Need some bagspiration? Try these combos below:

0965e6d308ab9d941ae2e79adaeab8cb BjkjYL4CQAEiv_d march-glamour-for-all-w724 shay-mitchell solange-shorts-sweatshirt-sandals-h724celine2

Want these celebrity looks in your closet? Check out Danice Stores online for similar, ultra-chic looks!


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