March (Fashion) Madness pt. 1


There are only eighteen days left until the first official day of spring. Although it doesn’t look very springy outside now, the heat will creep up on us like it does every year. We want to make sure you’re prepared for the warmer weather with these fun spring trends you just have to try. We’ll be giving you one new look per week, getting you ready to steal the spring-show! If you have more trends you think our readers should try, don’t hesitate to comment!

1. The One-Piece Pants Suit  

This includes jumpers, jumpsuits and rompers (the “shorts” version). However you’d like to name it, they’re trendy, classy and fun! Not only do pants suits make your legs look miles longer, they fall to fit your shape almost effortlessly! They’re most flattering when worn loosely, like the celebs are showing us below.

My favorites include pockets and a plunging neckline. You know the rule: show chest, no legs or show legs, no chest.  There’s also the sweetheart-neckline halter option like Leigh Lezark is rocking below. Rihanna shows us a different side with her loose, wrap-style, all black getup.

Seeing these celebs rock these masterly-simple looks gets me excited for all of the possibilities the one-piece pants suit has for spring.


Daytime jumpsuit looks: bold prints, light fabrics, fun colors


Nighttime jumpsuit looks: Solid prints, thicker fabrics, deeper colors

Want these celebrity looks in your closet? Check out Danice Stores online for similar, ultra-flattering looks!


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