Celebrity Style Doppelgänger: Week 4

We’ve finally reached the last week of our celeb style doppelgänger challenge. When the sun’s out, you know what that means…gun’s out! Gyms, bike lanes and park trails are replete with people preparing for their ideal summer bodies. But who says you can’t look cute while doing it?

Angela Simmons makes working out look fabulous and there’s absolutely no shame in her game.

angela-simmons-work-out-clothes-pretty-girls-rock-dresses 2086_1365433737spl542655_016Something that Angela gives us in each of her fitness looks is COLOR! Bright hues make you look and feel more confident and make you want to work so much harder.

One of the best ways to achieve our ideal bodies is to actually look like we care. Sweatpants and tee shirts are fine for home, but when you want to show the gym that you’re there to take the place by storm, throw on some fitness yogas and a sports bra. Be the one to stand out and make a statement. What’s the message that you want to send?






Angela does a lot of color-blocking with her looks. According to Corporate Fashionista, you should first choose a hue or color that is flattering on you and work from there to complete your outfit.  You should never exceed four colors in one outfit, though two or three usually work best.

Rack up on your funnest, brightest athletic wear, get active and show the world that you’re not afraid of a little attention! It’s your time to shine!

Getting inspired by Angela, check out these celeb-inspired looks that’ll motivate you to get up and get moving today!









Want any of the looks above? Visit our site!



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