Who’s Your Celebrity Style Doppelgänger?

Happy April, Sunshines! This month, we’re gonna focus on the many, many ways you can look like a celebrity no matter if you’re from LA, Brooklyn, Charlotte or Chicago. If they don’t do anything else, they give us major style inspiration and ideas for all types of occasions. During the month of April, we’ll take you through a number of these occasions and show you how you can look just like your fave celeb for a fraction of the effort and the cost!

Occasion 1: Date Night

We’ve all been there: Finally get asked out…Nothing to wear. It’s happens so often, it just becomes second-nature to head straight to the mall after the plans are made. I guarantee you, there are some bangin’ outfits sitting right in your closet that you push aside every time you think “date.”

The most important thing to consider when choosing an outfit to impress  bae (be it the first date or twentieth) is the occasion. Not every date requires the same kind of look. Beyonce and Jay Z show us, so very often, how their outings require a different, rather stunning look each time they step out.

It’s also fun when you get to have some creative control over your date spots. That way, you can plan ahead for the outfit that you know you have, and are probably just dying to wear!

Whether you’re planning ahead for a summer getaway or thinking short-term for that ball game this weekend, Bey and Jay give us endless cute date looks for the casual and chic.


Beyonce is notorious for her unique looks and stunning prints that she brings to these looks. It’s no surprise that she’s such a major fashion icon. No matter where she is, she’s…that’s right…FLAWLESS!


Check out these Bey-inspired looks to make your date nights extra special!


Want any of the looks above? Visit our site!


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