Celebrity Style Doppelgänger: Week 3

It is Week 3 of our celeb style doppelgänger challenge. This week, it’s all about being casual, comfy and cute!

Occasion 3: Girl’s Day Out

Picture it…it’s a Saturday afternoon. You’ve finished a full week of hard work and running around, and you’re ready to relax and have a girl’s day. Malls, restaurants, salons– they all await! The beauty of a girl’s day out is that you don’t have that added pressure to impress someone with your looks. After all, it’s just you and your girls!

But, this doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t try to look your best. You never know who you may run into. That’s why a celebrity’s girl’s day out always looks like she’s getting ready for a photo shoot! Take a look at these familiar faces:


Kylie and Kendall Jenner


Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens

They’re effortlessly casual, yet cute– a look that every woman is capable of achieving. Show your friend-group that a girl’s day does not mean a bummy-day. Whether you’re in a skirt with wedges or jeans with sneakers, you, too, can dress as if the paparazzi is following you!

Here are a few girl’s day out(fit) inspirations:

Gym: Don’t be afraid to wear your spandex and sports bras. Retire those sweatpants and show off those curves. The more confident you look, the more confident you’ll feel!

Mall: This is an outing that definitely calls for comfortability. Rock those joggers and feel free to reach, grab and try on for hours!

Movies: Two hours of sitting? You want to make sure you’re wearing bottoms that don’t wrinkle easily. If it’s warm outside and your arms are exposed, be sure to pack a light sweater– the A.C. will be on blast.

Lunch: After a full day of rippin’ and runnin’, I’m sure you’ll be hungry. Make sure not to dress in clothes that’ll constrict your appetite. Wear a loose top or pants that stretch.

Park: Whether the sun is shining or has already set, the park is such a great place to pull out those bright colors. Show off your legs and don’t be afraid to stand out!


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