New Year’s Eve Outfit Inspiration


Can you believe another year just flew by? Looking back at all the changes that has occurred in one year is unbelievable to think about. We’re learning and growing everyday. Life lessons are coming left and right,  but we have to always remember to take the good from the bad and just learn to value and love life a little more. We believe in always living life to the fullest, because we do not know what tomorrow may bring. So, remember to do the same and always be positive in your everyday actions and to carry this phrase with you …


Live. Laugh. Love.

We know most people celebrate in bringing the New Years in. Whether it is just staying home with loved ones or going out to party and celebrate. Either way you got to look your best entering this New Year!

So here is our New Years inspiration to help inspire and give you ideas for what to wear this New Year’s Eve.


The first thing that comes to my mind when we think of New Year’s Eve is glamorous. We feel like it is the first day of the year where you have to look glamorous (almost like it is your second birthday.) It is one of the biggest celebrations of the year and hey, why not end the year with a bam!  So when we think of glamorous, it brings to mind anything that is shiny, bright, or just something that is beautiful and captures the attention.

This year, one of the main piece of clothing that is trending for this end of the year season are sequined outfits! Anything that involves sequins or glitter is in! It is definitely in the glamorous category and you can not go wrong with having a little shine to you! Every year when it comes to New Year’s Eve some people  end up choosing between gold or silver. We believe  it is because they fall into that glitter category and these are colors that stand out. However this year, not only do we see the colors gold and silver trending but we have also been seeing colors like metallic, rose gold, blue, red, white and black. You cannot go wrong with anything that is a solid color with a shine to it. To add on, it does not even have to be an entire outfit filled with sequins and glitter but it can be just a shirt, jewelry, shoes or a purse/clutch. There’s no limit when it comes to dressing up for New Year’s Eve!

When thinking of your New Year’s outfit and you are not really into the whole sequins and glitter attire, then you still have to think big! ( It’s the first day of the new year so why not?!)  Even if you’re staying inside with a couple of loved ones, another key thing to remember when thinking of your outfit is bold. Whether it is a pop of color or something that gives you a fierce yet sexy look. It can be a be a big bold statement necklace or possibly a bright red lip or a royal color pair of heels.  The choice is yours just keep in mind when shopping for your outfit that New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate. It is one of the biggest celebrations of the year and it is everyone’s time to stand out and shine!

Here are some of our very own clothing that we have put together as some possible ideas to help you out!  All for affordable prices! You can shop all of these looks at !


Two Tone Striped Sequin Bodycon Tank Dress – $9.99

Sparkling Sequin Bodycon Tank Dress – $9.99

Pink Chevron Sequin Bodycon Tank Dress – $9.99

Sequined Patterned Tank Top – $4.99

Sequin Wristlet Clutch – $5.99

Quilted Denim Crossbody – $19.99

Small Quilted Chain-Strap Crossbody – $12.99

Faux Leather Studded Mini Tote Handbag – $9.99

Time is flying! Have you bought your New Years Eve outfit yet?

May the New Year bring you peace, love, joy and happiness! 
From Danice to you and yours!

By Clarissa Colon

Holiday Wish-list

Holiday Wishlist


The holidays are officially here! The cold breeze, the hot chocolate, and the warm clothing make the holiday season what it is! Here are a few items of clothing from Danice Stores as outfit inspirations and outfit styles to wear for the holidays! This is also a wish-list we put together to help you out in figuring what you can get for your loved ones. We hope this helps you to get into the holiday spirit!

By the way, check out and follow us on our polyvore page to see different ways we style our clothing!

• Below are most of the list of items that we have featured on our wish-list where you can find on !

By Clarissa Colon



E l f lips makeup

Marled Knit Sweater

Seamless Basic Leggings

Black shoes

Infinity Scarf

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspirations

Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner! I don’t know about you guys but I am so excited about that food! Not only am I anticipating the food but I cannot wait to get dressed up and wear my outfit for that day!  I love getting dressed up for the holidays, it just adds on to the whole atmosphere. If you look great, you’re going to feel great!




While I was struggling trying to figure out what I would be wearing for Thanksgiving, I thought about how many other girls were in the same position as me.  So we figured that we could make a post to help others get some possible ideas or inspiration as to what they should wear.

When thinking of Thanksgiving outfits, I think of  warm or fall colors and sweaters or warm clothing. I think of autumn and the color of the leaves which you can keep in mind to help give inspiration on what the colors of your outfit may be. Of course you do not have to limit yourself to these ideas/colors, these are more of my personal view!



When I think of Thanksgiving, these initial colors come to mind; burgundy, tan, beige, white, brown and black. These are the colors I try to work with. Either wearing one solid color or wearing them together. It helps to give that autumn feel, completing that Thanksgiving atmosphere!


It is definitely turtleneck and sweater season, so why not pair these must-have items with a pair of pants, leggings or skirt! Neutrals are the easiest to match with and wear.


Here we have our Danice girl showing the best way to mix and match these colors and styles. In my opinion, the best simple yet stylish go-to Thanksgiving outfits!


We can easily pair our outfits with any of these flats, heels and boots! Any of these colors/styles will go with all of the outfits shown above! You can choose if you want to be more on the dressy side, casual side or just the comfortable side!



You can find all of these clothing listed above, including shoes in all Danice Store locations or right on the website at ! Get your Thanksgiving outfit now & have a


By Clarissa Colon

Alternatives to High-End Beauty Products | Beauty Look For Less

Since last week we mentioned some affordable alternatives to some stylish and pricey looks, we figured we do the same for some high-end make up products!



Makeup is a way for girls to enhance their natural features. It helps to accentuate the face and allow some features to stand out even more. To me it is fun to play with, almost like playing dress up when I was 5. I think I may actually still like playing dress up. The idea of getting “dolled up” is fun and exciting for me! Don’t you agree?

Unfortunately, some of these makeup products/brands are too expensive and they may not seem worth the price. Luckily for us, the brand eyes lips face (e.l.f.),  is one of the best professional yet affordable makeup to use! They have many options to choose from and I find many people, including myself using this brand as alternatives to high-end products. The best thing about it is that we sell it in all Danice Stores locations and we sell certain products online!

Cannot get any better than that! Scroll down to see what high-end products you can replace!


s888479-main-hero-300 11125_83601_900px_new56683.94.jpg.56683.94

NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo – $42.00                         e.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder – $3.00


Laura Mercier Setting Powder – $37.00               e.l.f. High Definition Setting Powder – $6.00



BECCA Pressed Highlighter (Moonstone) – $38.00         e.l.f. Baked Highlighter (Moonlight)-$3.00



Tweezerman ProMaster Lash Curler – $22.00              e.l.f. Essential Eyelash Curler – $1.49



stila Lip Glaze – $22.00                                                              e.l.f.  Hypershine Gloss – $1.49



Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray – $30.00            e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set – $3.00








Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Eyeliner – $25.00                   e.l.f Cream Eyeliner – $3.00

Most of these products I have tried out for myself, while the other few I have seen many reviews on. If you are on a budget or you want a great amount of product for a decent cost, then the best option is with e.l.f.! Most of these e.l.f. products have very similar quality or even better! So why not save money?! Professional, yet affordable! Get yours at your nearest Danice Stores or online!

By Clarissa Colon

Stylish Looks For Less

We must all know the struggle of wanting something so bad, but not wanting to purchase it because  the price is too high or not worth the amount that it is listed under.  I despise seeing something I want that is too pricey. I refuse to get the item because I know somewhere out in this retail world that there has to be one for a less, cheaper price.

Well luckily, Danice has many looks for less! Fashion and style is not about who you wear all the time. The brand of the clothing does not make your style or fashion sense and neither does the price. It is more about how you wear an item of clothing.

This reminds me of a time where I was going crazy looking for a New Years outfit! I was on such a budget that year that I couldn’t spend crazy money on a new outfit. I barely had time to shop and so the morning of new years I went around my neighborhood and stopped by a few of the local shops. I ended up stopping by a store very similar to Danice (unfortunately, there was no Danice store in the area back then) & I found this cute hi-low skirt on sale, it was such a unique hi-low skirt for only just $5!! I ended up using a shirt that I never worn that was sitting in my closet.  Later on I attended a New Years party & was receiving so many compliments! Most of the girls were asking, “Where did I get my outfit from? How much did it cost?” It felt so good to know that I only had spent $5 on my New Years outfit! I even had someone messaging me on Facebook, after I posted my picture asking, “Where did I get my skirt from?” It was such a rewarding feeling!

So now when I shop, I make it my goal to get something stylish but yet super affordable! There’s nothing wrong with getting something cheap. Remember,


Here we have some looks from the general retail stores that can have some high priced items and then we have Danice same looks but for a less price!

Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater

TOPSHOP – $75.00                                                        Danice Stores – $12.99

Flared Dress/Suit Pants










H&M – $69.99                                                                                  Danice Stores – $12.99

Faux Leather Ballet Flats







Forever 21 – $17.90                                            Danice Stores – $9.99

Chunky Knit Sweater

img-thing IMG_5933(1)

Forever 21 – $27.90                                                                   Danice Stores – $12.99

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans



Zara – $39.90                                                                                     Danice Stores – $16.99 

Convertible Sweater Cuff Combat Boots





Charlotte Russe – $45.99                                             Danice Stores – $19.99

Oversized Hoodie

V562906(1) IMG_6337(1)

PINK VS – $69.50                                                                    Danice Stores – $10.99

We hoped you enjoyed our looks for less, these are just only a few of our styles that we have for a cheaper price. Check out our website at to see more of the trending looks that we have for less!

By Clarissa Colon


From the Fashion Weeks runway looks to the street styles, we can spot what this seasons fashion must-haves are! We have the latest trends of the fall to help keep you looking fabulous and fashionable.

The transition from summer to fall always has us so confused in what we should be wearing. What colors should we begin to wear? Are we trying to stay warm or cool? The up and down temperatures do not even help our situation out! Luckily we’re here to the rescue to help give you some ideas as to what you should have in that closet.

With the cool chill making its way in, we need to begin covering ourselves in style!

1) Knit Sweaters are in! Sweaters are the perfect way to keep ourselves warm without feeling so hot through this up and down weather.


Danice Knit Sweater


2) Fringe is one of the latest styles that are being added on to any article of clothing to help give that chic look!IMG_4160_10-14-2015-13-02-55(1)

Danice Fringe Poncho

3) Distressed Denim give that edgy look that we can style for most occasions. Whether we are out for girls night out or a casual day time look.


Danice Distressed Denim Jeans

4) Flare Pants are indeed coming back in style again! From the 70’s to the 90’s and now, here again. We love the many ways they can be styled!


Danice Flare Pants

5) Black Boots/ Booties are so easy to wear for this fall! Black goes with almost anything and short simple booties can top of any look, whether you wear it with a skirt, pants, jeans & even a dress!


Danice Black Boots

6) Burgundy/Neutral Clothing are the go to colors for fall. Burgundy gives off that cool touch to fall while neutral colors make the transition from summer easier to style, while still giving off that warm touch of fall. These colors just complete the fall look!


Danice Burgundy & Neutral Clothing/Colors

These are our fall fashion must-haves to help you still looking like a fashionista while strutting down the city streets like it’s your runway! To see more looks take a look at our website at

By Clarissa Colon

Danice Stores “It Girls”

We took a look around to see how some of our most faithful customers were rocking Danice Stores in their area. We’ve gotten some enthusiastic responses and were able to get a peek into the lives of two fashionistas who embody all that is Danice Stores. Today, it’s not about the clothes, it’s about the people who wear them.

“…You don’t have to break the bank for a quality fab look”

A special kind of person rocks the Danice Stores look and we’re here to introduce these ladies to the world!

Meet Alexis!


What’s your favorite thing purchased from Danice Stores?

 I would have to say my lace detail romper. It’s so perfect for the summer. I love everything about it, the fit, the color, and the style.

unnamed (1)

Where are you from?

I’m from New York City. I was raised in Brooklyn but The Bronx has become my home.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say laid back with a touch of glam.

When you’re not looking for new party outfits, what could we find you doing?

If I’m not at work, you could find me making YouTube videos about all things beauty related. Or probably free-lancing, I love to glam someone up for their special occasion.

Who’s your style icon?

This is such a hard question … I would say I love J. Lo’s style because she’s so versatile. When she’s on the red carpet, it’s full glam and everything looks good on her. Her street style, when she’s just walking around and dressed down, is so laid back but so chic.

When we spotted you in Danice threads, you talked about not being “afraid to mix high and low end.” How has this shaped the way that you shop?

That has shaped my shopping in so many ways. First, I think if you’re on a budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t be trendy or find beautiful pieces for a reasonable price. You can always find celebrity looks for less. Not everything in your closet has to be an expensive investment piece. Shopping is fun for me and finding a great deal on a beautiful item is the best feeling.

As a makeup guru living in NYC, what’s next on the horizon for you?

Hopefully I will be able to continue to do what I love and people will watch and recognize my passion. I think YouTube has helped me open up and be creative. It has brought me so many new friends in the makeup community. It just brings so many opportunities to beauty vloggers and I can’t wait to see what opportunities it brings me.

Meet Mz Glamour Addict!


What’s your favorite thing purchased from Danice Stores?

My most prized possession was my BIRTHDAY DRESS!!! I almost passed out in the store finding a dress with superb quality that can rival the designer brands but at a fraction, and I mean a fraction, of the cost!! The dress was only $5 bucks!! *WoooHooo* While at my dinner party, my female guests (who were wearing designer brands) truly didn’t believe me about its pricing until they researched it on their own.

Aside from that, I have several fab picks from Danice… accessories, handbags and, dare I mention, lingerie that gets my husband approval (smiling). I always tell my GlamDollz… You don’t have to break the bank for a quality fab look!

unnamed (2)

As a NYC native, what’s something you’d like to see more of in your hometown?

A Danice MEGA-STORE!!! Like a Flagship Store! I’d love to see more campaign awareness about the store. I didn’t know about the store until I stumbled on it while parking my car one day.

Your blog, MzGlamourAddict, is really popular! Do you you blog for a living?

I don’t blog for a living but I do blog for the love of saving money and sharing what I know when it comes to saving while achieving a fab look. I blog for the many like myself who are Beauties on a Budget looking for quality finds without going broke.

Who’s your inspiration?

…those who trust my reviews! It’s the feedback that gives me the energy and mindset to continue sharing what it is that I know.

What’s your go-to outfit for a big night out?

Something “grown woman style” sexy! Nothing that takes me out of my age bracket (laughs). I know how to stay in my lane because everything isn’t for everybody, despite how good it may look on others. I’ll most likely pick a sleek dress, minimal accessories and killer pumps.

What does one have to do to be a GlamDoll?

EVERYONE is a GlamDoll to me, but to be an Official GlamDoll is to be a lover of not breaking the bank for a fab look while staying connected with me on my social media accounts:, FacebookInstagramTwitter, and my app that is coming soon! That way, they can stay up to date on all my beauty on a budget fab finds! One thing we all can agree on is… Everyone loves saving money!

As The Beauty Frugalista, give me some words of advice for the person who doubts discount fashion.

Don’t be scared of the word “discount;” it only means savings!