Thanksgiving Outfit Inspirations

Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner! I don’t know about you guys but I am so excited about that food! Not only am I anticipating the food but I cannot wait to get dressed up and wear my outfit for that day!  I love getting dressed up for the holidays, it just adds on to the whole atmosphere. If you look great, you’re going to feel great!




While I was struggling trying to figure out what I would be wearing for Thanksgiving, I thought about how many other girls were in the same position as me.  So we figured that we could make a post to help others get some possible ideas or inspiration as to what they should wear.

When thinking of Thanksgiving outfits, I think of  warm or fall colors and sweaters or warm clothing. I think of autumn and the color of the leaves which you can keep in mind to help give inspiration on what the colors of your outfit may be. Of course you do not have to limit yourself to these ideas/colors, these are more of my personal view!



When I think of Thanksgiving, these initial colors come to mind; burgundy, tan, beige, white, brown and black. These are the colors I try to work with. Either wearing one solid color or wearing them together. It helps to give that autumn feel, completing that Thanksgiving atmosphere!


It is definitely turtleneck and sweater season, so why not pair these must-have items with a pair of pants, leggings or skirt! Neutrals are the easiest to match with and wear.


Here we have our Danice girl showing the best way to mix and match these colors and styles. In my opinion, the best simple yet stylish go-to Thanksgiving outfits!


We can easily pair our outfits with any of these flats, heels and boots! Any of these colors/styles will go with all of the outfits shown above! You can choose if you want to be more on the dressy side, casual side or just the comfortable side!



You can find all of these clothing listed above, including shoes in all Danice Store locations or right on the website at ! Get your Thanksgiving outfit now & have a


By Clarissa Colon


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