What does ‘ELF’ mean to you?

If we did a word-association with the term ‘elf,’ what would come to mind? Santa! Winter! Presents!

Well, how about Makeup?

We’ve been an advocate of the e.l.f (eyes, lips, face) line for years and we’re here to take you through a weekend wearing best line of discount cosmetics.


$1.49 at Danice Stores

$1.49 sold at Danice Stores

Friday Eyes: It’s the last day of the week so let’s make a statement. You’ve been timid on the eyes for the past four days, just waiting for a reason to make them pop. Now’s your chance! Look alive with elf’s Essential Brightening Eye Liner. The rich, gel-powder formula instantly brightens eyes for a healthy, radiant look. Don’t forget your Dual Pencil Sharpener to keep your liner as sharp as your eyes.

Saturday Eyes: Time to toast to the weekend with your girls! Start the day off with fun and bold color. Christine of 15 Minute Beauty is a fan of elf’s Baked Eye Shadows, and she says, “For $10 you get 10 really pretty shimmery colors that you can work into almost any look.” For a fierce evening look, try elf’s Dramatic Lash Kit for a show-stopping finish.

Sunday Eyes: Finish off the weekend with a fresh coat of Lengthening and Defining Mascara with a classic smokey eye for a daring look on your brunch date. Use the Smudge Eye Sponge paired with your favorite shadow and liner to blend and create a custom look.



$1.49 sold at Danice Stores

Friday Lips: Don’t be afraid of a little color and a bit of shine at the workplace. Elf’s Hypershine Gloss gives you that extra pop that your long week needs. Apply only twice– Before work and after your lunch break– because it’s conditioning shine lasts for hours! (Maybe once more when you hit the city after work for drinks).

Saturday Lips: Choose one of the 13 Moisturizing Lipstick shades to add vibrant color while nourishing and hydrating your lips simultaneously. Go from a pale pink to a radiant red in a matter of hours to prove that you’re not afraid of a little change. How does that saying go? Go bold or go home?

Sunday Lips: Whether you’re heading to the movies, church, or the park, elf’s Matte Lip Color will become your best friend. This product is perfect for on-the-go ease with a user-friendly twist up tube that never needs sharpening. Pair with elf’s Long-Wear Lipliner for a more defined look.



$1.49 sold at Danice Stores

Friday Face: Effortlessly absorb the stress of the week (and the oily face that comes with it) with the Essential Shine Eraser. Carry the petite pack in your pocket and pull out the sheets as-needed. Each sheet is infused with green-tea extract to help re-texturize skin and mask imperfections. Prepare for your fierce weekend looks with a fresh, matted start.

Saturday Face: Now that you’re face is officially ready for an anti-shine look, add your favorites from the Fresh Face Kit, complete with all-in-one handpicked products by the elf experts, including primer, foundation, concealer and setting powder. Finish it off with a Mist & Set to keep all of that beauty in place.

Sunday Face: End the weekend on a shimmering high with Baked Blush, similar to the Baked Shadows, to create a natural, healthy glow. Now that your weekend of lavishing looks is coming to a close, don’t forget your Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths to get ready for your fresh-faced Monday.

Quick! What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘elf’? Eyes! Lips! Face! Ahh…that’s more like it.



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