How Much Does Your American Dream Cost?

It’s that time of year again– stars and stripes, middle-of-the-night fireworks, BBQs, pool parties, and the celebration of independence. We all know that going out with friends may take a toll on your wallet. After all, those USA-inspired Daiquiris aren’t gonna buy themselves. That’s why we’re encouraging you to splurge on what really matters: food, drinks and having a ball with friends, not stressing over what you’ll be wearing.

This Independence Day, let’s exercise our right to dress freely (or close to it, anyway)!

Midi/Maxi Dress: $7.99

This look is perfect for a BBQ or cookout. Dresses are an easy throw-on with minimal effortThe longer the dress, the easier it will be to balance a plate of food on your lap. Style and practicality, what else does a girl need?


Photo via Danice Stores

Shorts: $12.99

Shorts are the ideal look for a concert. Moving around is inevitable, so pants will be limiting and a dress will be risky. Play it safe (but cute) in a pair of shorts that allow you all the wiggle room you need to jump around and pretend you’re on stage too.


Photo via Danice Stores

Short Dress: $5.99

Reserve the short dresses for a lounge or rooftop party. Show some leg and don’t be afraid to be a little flirty. Keep it loose for impromptu dance breaks but keep it classy in the hopes of hearing, “Can I buy you a drink?”


Photo via Danice Stores

Loose Pants: $7.99

Keep your legs protected by critters while you’re outside, sitting on the grass, watching the fireworks. Pants are the ideal solution for late-night outings; loose pants are the ideal solution for endless comfort and style from sunset to sunrise.

Photo via Danice Stores

Photo via Danice Stores

Graphic Tee: $7.99

If you’ve got a block party or a day party planned for the 4th, grab that graphic tee and be out. This is one of the easiest, throw-ons for a relaxed day and can easily be styled for the occasion. Mix and match your reds, whites and blues with denim shorts and a tee that says, that’s right, I’m proud to be an American!


Photo Via Danice Stores


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