You Can’t Lose With These Summer Shoes

Truth is, you don’t have to spend hundreds to look good and you don’t have to wear heels to feel girly. We’ve got shoes for every occasion and every budget, and a side-by-side comparison on why you’ve probably been doing your shoe shopping all wrong.

As fashionistas, we stay pretty busy but that doesn’t mean there should ever be a day that we don’t look our best. Chances are, we don’t just go to work and go home. There’s an array of places we visit each week that’ll make us wanna switch up our shoe game quite often.

So here’s how to do so– inexpensively:

The Weekender: For the sporty-chic girl in all of you, these faux-leather quilted kicks will take you out to the ballgame and to your lunch date right after. They’re classic, yet versatile, making it super-simple to tackle your day. Just slip your feet in for endless comfort and ease.


Photos via Pradux and Danice Stores

The Busy-Body: For the errand-runners by day and “drinks on me” girls at night, you’ll probably step out in these bold, metallic sandals– simple and lightweight to go well with any outfit. If you’re looking for an everyday addition that says ‘trendy and comfy,’ this pair is for you. Make a statement without making your wallet hurt in the process.


Photo via Tory Burch and Danice Stores

The Traveler: Whether your travels span from Queens to The Bronx, or from NYC to Italy, these Gizeh style sandals will become your solemate. Why spend hundreds on the same amount of comfort you’d get for $10? These sandals are a summertime essential, perfect for your long-distance leisure. So, why not put those savings toward the actual vacation.

For more affordable, must-have summer shoes, visit Danice Stores online.


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