Triple Entendre

This week, we’re learning how to style your own co-ords. What  exactly are co-ords? When your top and bottom perfectly coordinates. The beauty of the summer’s new trend is that, when you buy a co-ord, you essentially get three outfits in one.


Image via Imgarcade

Styling Your Co-Ords

Step 1: Well, of course you should wear the duo together. Make a statement and make it loudly by showing the world that sometimes it’s okay to be matchy-matchy. Though, be sure that the print is flattering for you and appropriate for the season and the weather; ie: don’t wear colorful palm trees on a rainy night. It’s good to have options– co-ords for the daytime, co-ords for outdoors, co-ords for a date. Not all combos come in crop-top/skirt form like the one above.


Image via pinsandpalettes

Step 2: Ditch the top! No, no, we’re not condoning a topless day out on the town. Just a little switcheroo to make the outfit (and your money) go a bit further! Instead of a head-to-toe black and white ensemble, maybe you want to throw a some color in and wear it differently. Your new addition can make the outfit more dressy or more casual– like the look below– depending on the occasion. 


Photo via Danice Stores

Step 3: Swap the pants for a skirt, the skirt for some shorts, or the shorts for some pants. Because sometimes usually, polka dots on polka dots can be a bit overwhelming. Swapping out your bottoms allows for much more wiggle room for multiple occasions. You can wear the same top to a concert one week, and a job interview the next. Just substitute that destroyed denim for a pair of tailored pants and you’re ready to go!


Photo via Danice Stores

For our extra-daring fashionistas, take a co-ord top and co-ord bottom from two different sets and fuse the two looks. Black and white doesn’t just match with black and white. Have some fun with color. Throw in a mix of prints and shades to create an eye-popping effect.

Don’t be afraid to do some additional coordinating with your co-ords, and your summer will look brighter than ever!


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