Boho Businesswoman

Boho: Bohemian, hippie, indie, hobo, chic, retro

Businesswoman: Executive, entrepreneur, manager, agent, financier

But what happens when someone who’s all about her business is also all about fashion. What happens when her love for Bohemian influences takes over her closet. Can she remain professional and sophisticated?

Let’s take a look at some boho business looks from women who are workin’ the working-world everyday.


Photo found here

How to wear it:

  • Mid-length patterned dress, paired with a hip-length blazer. Don’t go any shorter than the length of the dress shown above. Contrasting statement jewelry adds layers to the look.

Where to wear it:

  • Perfect for a day in the office. Ditch the blazer at the end of the day for the ultimate night-out-on-the-town look. Meet your girlfriends for drinks or finally go out with the office cutie 😉

Photo found here

How to wear it?

  • High-waist denim and a chiffon tunic (tucked in for a more put-together look). Complete with lots of arm candy and a tote handbag. This look is seasonally versatile; change the shoes accordingly.

Where to wear it?

  • The perfect boutique owner/worker would rock this casual, yet classy ensemble. After the work day is over, take this look to the streets for an evening shopping haul.

Photo found here

How to wear it?

  • Printed boho pants with a solid tank and loose blazer. This look goes equally well with heels or flats, and a small crossbody bag.

Where to wear it?

  • This relaxed look is ideal for running errands in the city. A light and cool feel to balance out the hustle and bustle. Be mindful of your footwear– heels may look better but never sacrifice comfort for style. These may be a nice alternative.

Any style can be made to fit the life of a businesswoman. Thank goodness pantsuits are not our only option. Tailor your look to fit what you’re most comfortable in and you’ll be one step closer to ruling the world!


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