Color Me Happy!

Ever walk into work on a Monday morning and wonder why some people seem to be having a unusually positive day, despite the fact that it’s Monday, and it’s morning? Ever felt envious because life just seems to be treating them so much better? Next time that happens, take a look to see what they are wearing. Is it an all-black, borderline funeral-ready ensemble? Probably not.

Color Therapy expert, Constance Hart says, “Color has an effect on our psyche; it’s always affecting us whether we are aware of it or not.”

Here at Danice, we love COLOR! A bright outfit can make for an even brighter day, even when Mother Nature doesn’t want to agree with you. A little color never hurt nobody; in fact, it probably helps in more ways than you think! says, “Keeping things colorless is easy.” It’s true! The grays and blacks that occupy valuable space in your closet are making it hard for the periwinkles and fuchsias to make their appearance.

You have to be knowledgeable about which colors look best with your skin tone and body shape, but no one should have to feel pressured to dress drab.

According to Hart, here’s what four different colors mean when you wear them:


  • Burgundy: This will make you feel stable, grounded and centered. “The rich shade also helps you to make decisions.”
  • 2af2a23943aecb172cfc5eb3e39ee43eOrange: This color helps you get out of your shell and allows you to become more social. “It is the best color for helping you adapt to change.”


  • Green: Green helps to create balance between yourself and those around you. According to Hart, it is a “bridge color.”


  • Pink & Yellow: The color pink correlates to love and kindness, and yellow is a “joy ray.” “It stimulates mental clarity, giving you the ‘I can do anything and be myself’ attitude.”

Try these energetic shades the next time you feel like you need a little pick-me-up. We guarantee you’ll forget the fact that it’s Monday, and soon, you’ll be the one people envy for your upbeat spirit and positivity!

For more information about Color Therapy and tips from Constance Hart, you may visit


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