Timeless Trends: Leggings

Love your legs? Let them know!


Ever wonder why trends like leggings never seem to go out of style? Their comfort, casualness and ease make them the go-to garment for endless occasions. Whether you’re a simple gal looking for a solid pair to run errands in or you’re looking to make a statement with fun colors and patterns, you can’t go wrong with a little spandex in your wardrobe.

Here are 4 ways that leggings can accentuate your everyday looks:

1. Layering


These high-waist riding leggings are perfect for layering. When you add more to the look, the outfit becomes more complete. Instead of just a tank, throw on a blazer to make the look more sophisticated.

2. Longer Tops


This trick is essential for those who want to camouflage their hips, thighs or butt. Make the top more loose to add the same effect to your waist. Who knew spandex could be so slimming!?

3. Sassy Shoes


Love the look of long legs? Add a pair of pumps to your everyday leggings (or jeggings like the one above). You’ll effortlessly achieve a taller, sleeker look. Try this with boots during the colder months.

4. Color-Blocking


This incorporates two timeless trends in one! Creating a color-block illusion on your legs accentuates the parts that look good, and hide the parts that don’t. Got great calves? Add a pop of color on your lower legs. Wanna highlight those hips? A strip of hot pink will do just the trick.

Next time you spot of a pair of leggings on a rack, just think of the possibilities they have in spicing up your everyday look!

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