DRESS to Impress

It’s never too cold to think about springtime– the colors, the florals, the sunshine! With warmer weather only a couple of months away, it’s only right to begin planning all of spring’s style possibilities. The first thing I think of when I hear spring is dresses! Not just wearing them but styling them to perfection. There are endless opportunities to make dresses pop this spring. Here are a few examples for you to begin thinking about.

   Wide or skinny, leather or cloth, pairing a belt with any short and simple dress will create the flattering silhouette that we’re always trying to achieve. Belts can create more of an everyday look to a dress that can easily be dressed up or down. Try a thick patent leather belt (like pictured) to accentuate your waist and enhance your curves. It makes for a more polished look but doesn’t take away from the dress.
Untitled-1.1Scarves give you that extra edge that’s perfect for the transitioning seasons. The slight breeze of the springtime makes scarves perfect with a lightweight dress and a pair of boots. Try solid dresses with floral or fun-patterned scarves to spice up any dress in your closet. The 3/4-sleeve-look is perfect with scarves and shorter dresses. It creates an ideal balance between warm and cool.

Untitled-1A light jacket is spring’s best friend. Whether it’s an anorak, a blazer or a classic jean jacket, nothing beats the look of coupling a fun spring dress with something stylish, yet not overpowering. They’re perfect to keep around for those in-between days, and not to mention, they’re adorable! No one ever wants to trade style for practicality, so why not have both? Pair something loose over a shorter, tighter look for a stunning counterbalance. You won’t regret the way you look or feel in this quintessential duo.


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